Thursday, October 18, 2007

My son has the cutest intentions...

Yesterday after supper, I was getting ready to go visit a friend of mine.. Of course Bria just happened to want to be fed then, so I sat down to feed her.  About a minute later I hear the door open and close.  Rowan sometimes just opens the door and closes it, but this time I didn't hear him talking after.  I got up quickly and ran to the door.  There is my son, wearing nothing but his underwear, a t-shirt, and his rubber boots, walking down the driveway!  I asked him where he was going, and he said, "To church mommy.  I go play drums."  He even had a book that he said was his Bible!

I wish I would have had the camera, it was so cute!  A little while before that I was washing dishes and Bria was crying.  All of sudden Rowan runs into the room where Keith was holding Bria saying, "Go see if Bria is okay."  What a sweet brother!

Rowan refuses to wear pants these days, which is totally opposite of how he was this Spring.  Then he hated shorts and t-shirts.  I guess he just doesn't enjoy change!  He'll have to get used to it though, since Winter is well on its way.


Michelle said...

Awww...what a sweetie-pie he is. Give him and bria a kiss for me k?

aunt sheila said...

That is too cute. Definitely would of been a kodak moment.
I love his determination to go "play those drums!", even if it means getting there in his underwear and rubber boots! lol