Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Trip to Winnipeg

Today I got to go with Liane to Winnipeg for one of her many appointments.  We spent the morning and part of the afternoon shopping.  It was kind of strange, because neither of us really had much that we were looking for, so we ended up trying to think of ways to pass the time before her appontment!

We did find a few things though.  I bought 2 dresses for Bria (oh, I love having a little girl!!) from Old Navy.  One was in the clearance, and the other will be her Christmas dress this year.  Did I mention that pink and red are just NOT the colours for my little girl?  Red hair just doesn't mix with pink and red!  Very soft pink is not too bad, but I mostly like green, blue and burnt orange on her.  Here are the dresses:

Christmas Dress

There is a bit of pink in this one, but the brown just tones it all down!!

Summer Dress

When I got home, I got the mail, which is always a highlight of my day (I know, simple plasures!) and was super excited to find that my wetbag from Happy Tushies finally came!!  This was a custom wetbag, and I'll have to take a picture of it soon.  It's beautiful!!

For those of you who don't know what a wetbag is for, it is for containing my wet cloth diapers and wipes while I'm out of the house.  It can just be thrown in the wash with the diapers when it gets dirty.  It has a waterproof inner layer, made out of ProCare fabric.  The outer is a beautiful woven fabric with flowers and leaves on it.  I'll try and post a pic tomorrow!  Fluffy mail is so much fun!!

I'm so sure I saw someone that I used to know while we were in the food court.  I just couldn't think of her name for the life of me.  All I could remember was that we called her George, and we lived in the same condo in Banff for one summer  It took me only til we left the mall to remember that her name is Georgina!  I didn't think it would be too cool to walk up to her and ask her if her name was George!!  What if it wasn't her?  Then I would have this woman looking at me like, 'Are you insane lady?  What mother would name her daughter George?!'  So, I kept to myself and didn't say hi.  She did have a very cute and tiny little baby boy though.  He couldn't have been more than a few weeks old at the most.

Well, tomorrow promises to be a busy day, so I'd better hop into bed sooner ratter than later.  Goodnight all!


Shanilie said...

Isn't it so fun receiving things in the mail. Looking forward to seeing the photo.

Andrea said...

Those dresses are so cute! I especially love the Christmas one!!! I want one just like it...uhh...for my imaginary daughter! haha :) Btw...we might be coming to visit soon!!! I'll let you know though! :)

Gina said...

I love the Christmas dress - so cute! Don't you just love little girl clothes?! If I had one I would spend wayyyy to much lol.

Alison Wolfe said...

I love those dresses you picked up in Winnipeg. They are so incredibly cute!