Friday, October 26, 2007

Tummy to Tummy

I got the Tummy to Tummy babywearing DVD in the mail the other day (thanks Steph!), and I finally got the chance to watch part of it this evening.  Wow!!  This DVD has a wealth of information for babywearers!!
  From the small portion that I had time to watch, I can already see what
 I need to try.

I know that one thing I want to do is buy a Mei Tai.  This type of carrier looks like it would suit me and Bria 
far better than either of the ones that I made.  Not to mention it looks so

So, I contacted Amy May to see what she has for me!!  If you remember, I did a review for her nursing bracelets about a month ago.  (Still loving it by the way!)  I'm looking forward to purchasing one of her Mei Tai's real soon!  She's so nice to work with.  Super sweet and quick too!  You should definately check her out if you are looking for an affordable Mei Tai.  She is on Etsy (username 'easycure') and on Ebay (amymays_meitais).  She has just put some new Mei Tais on ebay.

Sorry I didn't put in the links tonight.  It's time to go to bed!!  (I really should start doing this earlier in the day!)


Drea said...

love the wet bag below.

Amy may makes GREAT mei tais. I love mine. Hers are smaller than others like the babyhawk or BBO so its nice for tiny babies. I can still use hers with Taite tho.. so its not to small.. and Taites a big boy!

Ellen said...

I just got a mei tai from my cousin, she sewed it for me and I've used it a few times and really like it so far.. it's very comfortable and fairly easy to use :) by the way are you guys coming out to alumni this year? I'm sorta planning on it..

Anonymous said...

i should get something like that for my sister joi. she is the proud mommy of a handsome baby boy named triton scott lawlor who turned 2 months old on the 22nd of this month.

Shanilie said...

I love mei tais. I would love to purchase one some day as well. Maybe next time around. That sounds like such a neat DVD to watch.