Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Amy May's Mei Tais ~ Review!!

I was so excited to get my Mei Tai in the mail last week. I took a long time to get around to finally buying one, because I wanted to find one that was not super expensive, yet would look nice and work well. Of course, I went back to Amy May's Etsy store to pick one out.

Amy May was so helpful while I tried to decide which fabric to chose! She has some fabulous fabrics in her Etsy store. I wanted something a little different though. So, she worked with me to find something that I really liked from her fabric stash. She got it sewn and shipped super quick too!

Each Mei Tai comes with instructions for different carries, so if you haven't used a Mei Tai before, it's really helpful. I'm lucky enough to have won the Tummy 2 Tummy babywearing DVD, so I had a chance to check out some of the carries before I got my Mei Tai.

I am not an experienced Mei Tai user, so I don't have anything to go on really, but I love the ease of a Mei Tai. It's quick to tie on, it holds my baby securely to me, and It's not going to make me sweat from being too thick.

If you are looking for a Mei Tai and are scared of the big price tag on most, you should definitely check out Amy May's Mei Tais. You won't be disappointed.

I do need some more practice with it still, and Bria isn't used to it, so she gets a little anxious at being so restricted, but I think with time it will be something that we both enjoy! I even got to put Rowan in it for awhile. He wasn't too thrilled about being on my back, but he did enjoy a front carry. Here are a few pictures of my Mei Tai. Thanks again Amy May!

Rowan on my back for the first time... he wasn't very impressed!

Selah being her cute self! I thought I would see if she liked the Mei Tai. As long as she could have her arms out, it was fine!

And here's what my Mei Tai looks like. I LOVE the fabric!


Jobina said...

I like the kangaroo-style pouch pic with Selah! She looks just as comfy as could be!

Andrea said...

Very cool...love that fabric you picked out! Hope all goes well with using it! :)

Drea said...

love it! taite didnt enjoy mt's until he was like 5 months or so. so give her time. :-) love the pattern u got