Monday, November 19, 2007


Selah & Bria.  Two super cuties!!  Heather and I can't get over how different they are built though!  You would think that they would be similar, since their mommies are sisters, but NO!!  They look totally different!!  Selah is a whole month older than Bria, yet she looks tiny next her!!  Bria is all cheeks and tummy.  Seriously, she has this big baby belly!!  We took some pics of them yesterday, in the same size diaper.  I think it will be fun to look back one day and see how different they were.  My guess is that they will continue to be very different too.  Selah is petite, and Bria will be more average I think.

These girls are just too cute!!  Selah was trying desperately to communcate with Bria.  Bria just sat there and stared, while drooling like crazy.  It's so much fun to 
have kids the same age as your siblings kids.  Can't 
wait for little muffin to be born.  Only a few more weeks!!  

Selah in the high chair, Bria ignoring her!

Bria is totally uninterested in the camera!

You would never guess that Selah is older than Bria!!  I hope they'll be good friends when they grow up.


Alison Wolfe said...

I LOVE that picture of Selah and Bria next to each other in their diapers! It is super cute! It will definitely be one of those pictures they will look back on when they are older and love that their mommies took for them!

Michelle said...

I'm so glad Bria has a cousin her age. It'll be so much fun for them when they grow up (and even now). They are both soooo cute!
Love ya'll

Andrea said...

Awww!! They are SO cute together! Just a month Bria will be waving her arms around and talking back to Selah! :)