Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My (not so) Happy Birthday

Hmmm... where to begin...  Yesterday we had to take Bria in to Winnipeg for an appointment.  First she had a Renal Scan, and then we met with the specialist.  Here's a little bit of our day:

Bria's first appointment was at 12:30, so we left for the city at about 9:00.  We dropped Rowan off at his auntie Alyssa's apartment, all the while he is screaming because he doesn't want us to leave.  He got a bad cold this weekend and was feeling miserable, so I could understand the extra crying.  It just made it even harder to leave him, knowing he was so unhappy.

When we got to the hospital (Health Sciences), we couldn't find parking, so Keith dropped me off at the door with Bria while he went to look further for a space.  It took a while, and I started to worry that I would have to take Bria in by myself.  The hospital is huge, and has many different buildings attached to it, so I wasn't sure that Keith would remember where I went in.  He found me no problem though, and we went to look for the right department in the hospital.

Thankfully if was pretty easy to find.  We only had to wait for a few minutes and then we got into the Nuclear Medicine department.  This is where my day went from a bit stressful, to overwhelming.

They had trouble finding a vein big enough for an IV, and they had to try first one foot, then one hand, and then they finally got it into her other foot, all the while she's screaming.  That was super hard, and I just stood beside her and tried to calm her while Keith paced and tried not to yell at the nurses!  Then we took her in to get strapped onto the bed so they could do the test.  She cried some more when they put in the catheter, but fell asleep within minutes.  She slept through the whole test, which was really good.

After the test, I had lots of time to nurse her and help her to relax again before the appointment with the specialist, Dr Dharamsi.  That was good, but I was already so drained that I really didn't want to go wait in another office.  She turned out to be a really nice doctor, and she explained clearly enough for us to understand what's going on.  I'll try to pass that on now :)

Each of Bria's kidney's has an extra growth on the top of it.  The extra ureters (tubes that drain the kidneys) come out of these growths.  The right one is draining properly, but the left one has a blockage and takes 38 minutes to drain instead of 10 minutes or less, which is normal.  This could cause infection, because the urine sits in the ureter longer than it should.

The ultrasound that was done in September was not clear enough to show where the extra ureters are draining.  If they drain into her bladder, that is good, but if they drain into her vagina, then she will have a constant 'drip', and we'll likely notice that when we try to potty train her.  Dr. Dharamsi has scheduled another ultrasound for January, at Children's Hospital again, so that she can get a better look at where the ureters are draining.

If Bria would ever seem sick or have a fever, then we are supposed to take her to the clinic for a urine sample, so they can rule out an infection.  If Bria has problems with infection, then we will have to talk about surgery to remove that extra piece of kidney and the extra ureter.

Dr. Dharamsi also said that sometimes as a child grows, the extra part of the kidney can sort of dry up and then there are no more problems to worry about.  I guess we will pray for this to happen, because it sounds like the best thing right now.

The day was very long for us, and it took along time for me to relax last night.  I did manage to go to Bible Study for a while, but my heart just wasn't in it.  I went mostly for the company of friends and family.  I pretty much forgot that it was my birthday for most of the day, so I feel like it came and went and that was it.

We did have a great weekend with Keith's family though, and I have a few pictures of our time together to share with you.

This is the sight that greeted us when we arrived at the Friesen's!  SNOW!!

Keith had lots of fun in the snow, as you can see.  He also kindly cleared the driveway.

Stacey let her daycare skills shine with Bria!!  Here they are visiting on Sunday afternoon.

Rowan 'helped' grandma make gingerbread men.  He likes the story, so grandma helped him make some special cookies!

Here is the giant gingerbread man that Rowan helped decorate.  He picked out the colours for the toes all by himself!!  And this gingerbread man did NOT run away.


Jobina said...

I'm so sorry your birthday wasn't as good as it could have been. I know that Bria's diagnosis wasn't "all clear", but I'm so thankful that it also wasn't life threatening. I hope that the latter happens and those things just shrink up and disappear!

anita said...

sorry you had to go through that...i know how hard it is to hold your baby while everyone is poking and prodding. :(

happy belated birthday Stacey!

Andrea said...

Awww...what a tough day! I think I would feel completely 100% as stressed and overwhelmed about all that as you did!! Sooo, don't feel bad about feeling like that! And Happy Birthday too! Yikes...things have been so busy with my parents bringing us back and staying a few extra days and all that I totally forgot!!! But HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestest friend anyways!! :)