Saturday, November 24, 2007

My super kids

I'm just blown away at how much Rowan seems to be learning lately. He just started to be able to sing along to songs better. He sings all the time! Today he was singing 'Jesus Loves the Little Children' and he even got most of the colours right! He has also been learning his ABC's and he can get to 'g' by himself now.

He's learning big words like 'ricochet' and he speaks so clearly. I JUST LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY!! He makes me so proud.

Bria just gets cuter everyday!! She has started to 'sing' along with me when I sing songs to her. It's so much fun to watch her learning new things. She is also starting to grab for toys.

Today I was looking through my pictures, getting them ready to order online, and I couldn't believe how much she has grown since she was born. Here's an example:

She's my big chunky baby!! Rowan never had such nice chubs!! And just because she's so cute, here's my favorite shot from today!


Jobina said...

You really can't help but be in awe of those two!

Andrea said...

Awww! How sweet - and I LOVE that last picture of Bria...adorable!! :)

Donna said...

She is a cutie, and Rowan too. It is amazing what they learn and how quickly!

Alyssa said...

You really do have the best kids! That last picture of Bria went straight to my desktop background... it's absolutely perfect!