Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tis the season...

First of all, I wnt to appologize for my depressing post yesterday.  I realize that there are people dealing with much harder things, and this is a drop in the bucket compared to something like cancer.  Thanks for reading though.  I needed to get it written down, even so that I can remember the details in the future, when this will all be a faint memory.

Now on to something a little bit more fun!  What are you doing as a family for Christmas this year?  I want to make our gift giving for our kids a bit more meaningful this year, well at least for Rowan.  I think that we will go with a J.O.Y Christmas.

J - a gift that helps to bring them closer to Jesus
O - something to be shared with others, or maybe a donation to some organization in their name
Y - something special just for that child

I have already found the 'Y' gift for Rowan, and I have an idea for 'J' as well.  ''O' will likely be something from the World Vision catalogue or some similar project.

What are some special traditions that you share with your family?  Growing up for me it was our Christmas Eve pizza dinner, followed by reading the Christmas story by candlelight.  Always brings back warm memories!  I hope we can help our kids to understand what Christmas is all about, and not get caught up in 'getting'.

To hel pus all feel a bit more festive, here's a video of Keith having fun in the first snow fall!!


Drea said...

How fun! cant believe theres snow already in CA... crazy :-) it was 74 here or higher yesterday.

I do love a nice snow though, so pretty

Jobina said...

We just try to keep Christmas low key when it's just us. I get second hand, but in good condition gifts. Or last year we got the kids each a 99cent book from Blessings and a Kinderegg, then we brought in the big gift...a tobbogan and took the kids to the local hill before we left for Grandpa and Grandma's place. Honestly, that was one of my favorite Christmas' ever! I also get a nativity scene every year. Last year it was a stuffed one that the kids can play with (I caught Riker telling our neighbor girls the Christmas story) this year it's a nativity puzzle mat (that's on sale at Blessings for $6.97 BTW). I want the story to be fun and mean something too. Have fun thinking of your special family Christmas activities and gifts!

Alyssa said...

Great video...Keith, did you wreck the trike? It sounded suspicious...

How are Rowy and Bria feeling? Hopefully they're getting better!! I certainly had a fun time with Rowan on Tuesday! Come over again soon:) Always welcome...but you already know that!

About time to start that Christmas shopping. And guess what? Michelle still doesn't know who I have in the tickets! It's a record!

bren j. said...

And I thought we were the only ones who ate pizza on Christmas Eve! Happy Tradition-Making!

Andrea said...

hehe...looks like Keith was havin' fun!! Jonathan would probably love to do that too...but anyways, my mom took the Little Potty back with her so I guess she'll drop it off at your place sometime soon! :)