Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Music

Okay, so I'm back now that the kids are down for their naps!

Rowan was singing Jingle Bells earlier, and it got me thinking about Christmas Music. Christmas music is so fun. I have some old favorites, like Amy Grant's 'A Christmas Album'. That album was recorded in 198 I think... the year I was born! I actually owned this album for a while, until all my CD's were stolen.

My parents had this on tape when we were kids, and I think we all enjoyed the song 'Heirlooms', and also 'Emmanuel'. You should check it out if you've never listened to it before.

What are some of your favorites? I also enjoy some of the old hymns like 'Joy to the World'. 'Mary Did You Know' has always been powerful. Last year my siblings and I performed this song at our church. I think it's weird that a comedian (Mark Lowry) could write such a serious song, but I guess they can be serious too!

Enjoy the Christmas music, the family gatherings, and the church services this Christmas. It only comes once a year.

Edited to add this: An ancient video of Amy Grant singing 'Emmanuel"!


Amber said...

whoa, that video IS ancient! i have definitely never pictured anyone dancing to that song ;)

one of my most favorite christmas cd's is newsong's christmas shoes.

merry christmas stacey!

The Thiessens said...

That is quite the outfit. Very...uhmmm...colourful!

Lindsey Dueck said...

Hey! I just thought of new idea for your ring search!

Last night I had cookies dough stuck to my ring so I took it off and put in on the counter. Some how it got stuck to the bottom of the pan and it baked for several minutes. It was black when I took it out but it is ok. I cleaned it with my toothbrush.

Moral of the story: Check in the oven!

Dayna said...

i cannot get over her outfit!

merry merry christmas stacey! may you, keith, rowan, and bria have a beautiful time together!