Thursday, December 20, 2007

*Cry* Lost forever?

I apologize for the lack of blogging lately. You know how the Christmas season is, not to mention I'm an auntie all over again, and my mind is on other things! I have a little story to tell though, and I hope you can all help me.

Saturday I decided to make pizza for supper, since we hadn't had homemade pizza in a while. I started on the dough, and took my wedding rings off as to not get them all stuck full of dough. Keith helped me assemble the pizza, and I continued to clean up my kitchen. The pizza was wonderful!

Later on, we had my family over to watch The Bourne Ultimatum, and enjoy some Christmas baking. After they all left, I noticed that I still wasn't wearing my wedding rings. So, I went to kitchen to look for them. GONE!! No where to be found. Keith and I have searched and searched for them, and we just can't seem to find them.

I have asked Rowan so many times if he knows where they are, and he never gives me a straight answer. I asked him if he took them, and he said, yes, he pulled a chair into the kitchen and took my rings. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Any advice on where to look? I've checked the garbage, I totally cleaned out my kitchen, I looked under the stove and the fridge. I looked in and under the couches, in the toy box, behind the tv, in Rowan's pockets, in his dresser. I'm sure there are more places I have checked, but does any one have a suggestion as to something I may have missed?

I'm so sad. These rings were picked out by Keith, with no help from me, and I've always loved that. To me they are just not replaceable (not to mention we don't have the money just sitting around to pay for new wedding rings!).

Here's a video clip of me interrogating Rowan. I included a cute clip of Bria screeching at the end!


Anonymous said...

Did you check to see if you're wearing them? Sometimes I look for my glasses and find them perched on my nose - right where they're supposed to be.
Really, I don't know where you should look. They are replaceable, I suppose, but new rings would not have the same sentiment. I do hope they show up very soon.


Sheila said...

How about checking the floor registers. (I think that's what they're called)

Jacqui said...

Well, I lost a diamond from my ring a few years ago and offered a slurpie to anyone who found it. Felix wanted that slurpie and was so determined he found the missing diamond which was lying on the floor under my table. So, maybe offer a treat so special that Rowan can't resist, and wants to help - it can't hurt.
I hope you find it. By the way, if and when you do find your rings, get your clasps checked regularly.

Donna said...

Oh NO.

This happened to a friend of mine, and she just prayed and prayed and one day they showed up on her dresser.

I think if Rowan really did take them, and you offer a treat, that might really help. Keep us updated.

I am sorry about you loss though, I would be heartbroken too=(

Andrea said...

That is awful!! I would cry too if my wedding rings went missing, since Jon picked them out all by himself for me too! There's just something special about that...unfortunately I don't think I have any good ideas - however, offering Rowan a reward of something that you know he REALLY REALLY wants sounds like it might work...hmmm...keep us posted and I really hope you find them SOON!

Dallas & Tara said...

would you have put them in your own pockets by chance?...

Stacey said...

Nope, not wearing them.

I've checked a few of the floor registers, I will check the rest.

Special treats haven't helped yet, he just says he doesn't want to find my ring.

I do get my rings checked twice a year.

I have checked my own pockets, not there either.

Any other suggestions?

Melanie said...

Oh, that would make me cry! I miss wearing my rings, but I can't imagine if I'd lost them! I hope that if Rowan hid them he will give them back soon. Otherwise, I just hope they appear soon!

Uncle Dave said...

This calls for a reenactment. Recreate the events of the day including the pizza and rings (you might have to borrow them). Don't tell Rowan and secretly watch what he does with the rings when he encounters them. By that time you will likely recall where you left them. Hope you find them.
Uncle Dave

Mrs. Hurzeler said...

Not but two months after I got married my husband lost his wedding ring in the produce department where he works as a manager, and we thought forsure that once someone found it, they would take steal it. Well, fast forward about 2 months, my husbands employee is cleaning up a little and finds the ring, and he gets it back but not before I had bought a new wedding ring for my husband for his birthday! Keep searching in crevices because I know kids like to drop things in places, and also check in toddler height places. Hope you find it!

Ellen said...

have you checked in sink drains? If Keith is handy with a wrench anyway.. hope you find them soon! pray -pray-pray!! :) my son would act the same way if he lost something that I was looking for!!

Jay Boaz said...

My thought is you need to find a way to motivate Rowan to find them; whether he took them or not, kids will look in places we wouldn't even think of.

Have you tried in the drawers under the counter? Maybe they got swept in there when you cleaned the counter.

My other thought would be check any normal place you might leave them. For example, there are only 3 places I leave my glasses; if they're not in one spot, they're 98% likely to be in one of the other 2. If you have a similar habit with your rings (though I imagine you don't take them off much) maybe they're in one of those spots?

Probably not a lot of help, but it's all I got. I do have a metal detector in my office if you want to borrow it. :)


Dianna said...

Hey Try the metal detector I think that's a great idea. I hope it didn't get thrown in where the left over food scraps went perhaps? Or don't you have a garberator? Check the toilet drain maybe your little guy tried flushing them. His room his clothes in the laundry. Keep us posted. So sorry to hear that. I feel for you

Dayna said...

tonight, the 'mennville' gang and i were discussing your sad tale and joel reminded us of the time his mom lost her wedding ring and he bit into it in his sandwich one day at school. she had baked it into a bun! any leftover pizza you could dissect?

Lindsey Dueck said...

Along with the leftover pizza idea, the metal detector also sounds good. I lost both my rings in the turkey barn once and Terry found them with a metal detector!

anita said...

I lost mine and assumed that Brett (when he was 2 or 3) flushed them down the toilet...I was just about ready to claim them under house insurance and accepted the fact that they were gone...found them a year later in a little jar with the nailclippers. totally weird! (did you check the pockets of the pants you were wearing that night?)