Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fighting off colds

My kids are both dealing with nasty colds right now. Bria's is much worse than Rowan's. She's so stuffed up and she's spread it to her eyes. They're all goopy. She's been pretty happy though.

I'm not one to give my kids any medicine unless it's very necessary, so I'm hoping this will pass quickly.

Last Thursday was Bria's 4 month check-up. She weighed in at a hefty 15 lbs 11 oz! That was with her clothes on, but still, that's pretty big! She is also 25 inches long, roughly. She got extremely upset when she was on the Dr's table, so our Dr. tried to be really quick. At this age Rowan was 15 lbs 7 oz, and 27 inches long.

On Saturday we set up our Christmas tree. Rowan had fun putting the decorations on. He tried to put them all on the same branch! Then when they were all on the tree, he took some off so he could put them on again! Silly boy.

Today Keith was home during the day, so Rowan got to spend time with him while I went to church, did the grocery shopping, and went to the post office. He had such a good time that he was really upset when daddy wasn't home when he woke up from his nap.

My friend Elaine has started a new blog. It is in German and English. Rowan LOVED watching Jana in a little video from about a year ago. She's such a cutie! Rowan watched that video over and over! Those two seem to get along really well for 2 year olds.

This is a bit outdated already, since Rowan has gotten even better at it, but here is Rowan saying his ABC's all by himself. And yes, I DID bribe him with gum!


Anonymous said...

Rowan saying the ABC's is so cute. I think he deserved that Gum.
And I love that he took the decorations of the tree just to put them on again.

Melanie said...

Oh, it's no fun with kiddies being sick. I too don't like giving meds to the kids, but I did buy some herbal medicine after awhile just because their colds stuck so long. Elderberry worked great for Kenna.

Rowan is great at the alphabet!

Elaine said...

Your Christmas tree looks very good. Say Rowan he did a good job! When Lina was ill, it spread into her eyes too. I don`t like to use medicine at all, so I droped a straw of breast milk into her eyes, ever time I was nursing her. And it worked very well.
By the way, thank you for the correction and please keep on with it.