Monday, December 24, 2007

The first of the Christmas Celebrations 2007

Our first gathering of the year was yesterday. We had a great time at the Brandt gathering. Some of the highlights included the pool, the ice rink, a nice cold walk, tons of great food, and visiting with family.

Here's a few pictures to help you get the idea!

Rowan found this little Amish hat and he looked so cute in it!

Bria did not want to smile for the camera with her Great Aunt Irene!

Here she's not crying, but she looks a little startled!

Enjoying time with Auntie Michelle

The Pool

Keith and his only older cousin, Andre playing hockey (Keith is on the left)

After a long long day yesterday, this is what I found today when I called Keith and Rowan for lunch! My sleepy boys!

This evening we were at my parents house for our family time. I always love our traditional pizza supper. Ashleigh (my cousin/sister) was out to join us, just like old times. She lived with our family for 6 or 7 years, so that's why I call her my cousin/sister! It just wouldn't be the same without her there.

I was pretty disappointed that I didn't get to help with preparing the pizzas or getting everything ready. My kids and I desperately needed a long nap this afternoon. And then, during supper all 3 of the babies needed mommies attention, so we all took our turns eating and tending to the girls!

It was fun to see how excited Rowan was about his gifts. But, I'd have to say that I think MY gift was the best this year, though I may be a bit biased! I got a Kitchen Aid mixer!!!! YAY! I'm so excited to try it out. Here's a few pictures from this evening.

Mommy and Bria (sorry it's a bit blurry)

Baby Jillian ~ She makes the funniest faces!

Rowan go to open the first gift ~ A John Deere dump truck

Reading a Thomas book he got

Me with my NEW KITCHEN AID!!

And finally, here's my little angel. I took this picture on Saturday.


Lindsey Dueck said...

wonderful pictures stacey! your kids are adorable, even when they are nto so happy! my personal faves are the ones with you and your new kitchen aid (you are allowed to be biased about that gift!!!!) and the one of auntie michelle and bria... (but i guess i am a lil biased when it comes to michelle... hee hee)

merry christmas!

ps- this is actually dayna, i am just lazy. haha!

Mrs. Hurzeler said...

You have such sweet little kids. Where did the red hair come from? I know you are blonde and I thought Keith was brunette? LOL. I guess sometimes blonde and red can pop up in the same family. You are really blessed with those babies.
Hope you had a great Christmas.
PS Did you find your rings?

Melanie said...

A Kitchen Aid!!! Oooh, I'm jealous! :) I've been wanting one since we got married, but someday... someday they'll be cheap enough for me to buy. ENJOY!!! :)

Drea said...

love the last pic of Bria, those jams are so cute on her! and those mixers are nice.. my mom owns one.. you'll love it! maybe ill get one some day :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey ~ lovely pictures!! Belated Merry Christmas! Looks like you all had wonderful family times. I looked at Warren's pics too.

Stacey, did you find your rings? Maybe you put them in your pants pockets - whatever you were wearing that day. Oh, that is so annoying - I know how it feels.
Good luck finding them!

All the best in 2008!

Aunt Brenda

Erin said...

Kitchen Aide mixers are so great! I use it for everything!!!! Hope you love it!!! Bria is so adorable, she's getting so big already!!!!!!!! I also am praying for you about the ring situation, I've been checkin in hoping you've found them...good luck, I'm sure they wil turn up in the most unlikely of places.

Lindsey Dueck said...

So from the real Lindsey Dueck...
I love you mixer and I am very jealous of it. I have wanted one for a long time!!! I love the last picture of Bria! So cute!

Fun fact for you... It is 5.30 am here and I am still wide awake!