Tuesday, December 04, 2007

KDKIDZ AIO Pocket Diaper ~ A Review

You all know how much I love Etsy! I have searched through the stores many times for diapers, baby carriers, jewelry, and other stuff.

One thing I came across that I just HAD to try was the AIO (All-In-One) Pocket Diaper from KDKIDZ. I thought this was a super idea, to have an all-in-one that you could add extra absorbency to from the inside of the diaper!

When I kept reading about it, I noticed that Anna had created this diaper with very careful consideration to the kinds of fabrics she used. One of her twin girls has really sensitive skin, so she created this diaper to be gentle on tender tushies! She has great explanations of why she chose each fabric in her description, but I will try to describe the diaper a bit for you here.

There is a layer of super soft, squishy organic bamboo velour next to the babies skin. Bamboo is an awesome fabric. It is naturally anti-microbial, and allows the moisture to pass through quickly. I love ANYTHING made out of bamboo velour!

Under this is a soaker made of microfiber waffle-weave topped with suede cloth for a stay-dry effect. Microfiber is great at absorbing tons of moisture! The soaker is sewn on to just the back of the pocket, so that it can come out to dry better. I only realized this when I took my diaper out of the washing machine after the first wash! It comes out on its own, so no sticking your hand inside a soggy diaper!

The waterproof layer in this diaper is ProCare, which I think is the best! It will last much longer than PUL. In fact, it will last about 1000 washes, while PUL only lasts about 300.

On the outside of the diaper is a super cute flannel print. This is so the fabrics next to the babies skin are all natural and soft.

One of my favorite things about the design of this diaper is the elastic that is sewn by the leg holes. The positioning of it is unique, and forms gussets that help to catch those explosive poos! Bria confirmed this for me the first time she wore the diaper! She wore this diaper while we were at youth last Thursday. She was in the diaper for 2 hours and it was majorly full when I changed her!

If you are looking for a very simple diaper as far as use, this is a great option. All you really need to do is fasten the touch-tape (a type of velcro) and you're set!

These diapers fit extremely well. I was really impressed with how it seemed to hug Bria's round little bum! And Anna's sizing is true to disposable sizing. I ordered the size 2 for Bria, and it fits so well, with room to grow. It's been a while since I put a disposable on her, but she was in size 2 the last time I checked!

Bria was not a terrible co-operative model. As soon as I put her on her tummy, she rolled onto her back! I tried to be quick with the camera, but my pictures still are not super clear.

Bria says you should go buy a KDKIDZ diaper too!!


Donna said...

Is she cute or what?!!!

Anonymous said...

Bria is such a cutie! Glad to see you've discovered Etsy! For the past two years since I found it, it has been my absolute favorite site. Have a wonderful Christmas!

~ Tara

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Elaine said...

As you are writeing about cloth diapers, it wouden`t take long and I will try some too. ;-)

Drea said...

how adorable are those!!
Im selling a few of my bum genius diapers on ebay... I want to try a few other diapers but cant afford to buy more unless I sell some :-) may have to try one, so cute! do you dry them ? or hang dry?