Friday, December 14, 2007

Mommy's helper is a ROCK STAR!!

Rowan loves to help me with everything these days. Whether it's washing dishes or folding laundry, he's right in there with me! Some times it gets frustrating, like when I'm trying to quickly fold the laundry and get it put away, and he's taking the things that I've already folded and folding them 'his style'! But, mostly I just think it's so awesome that he's learning to do these things, and he likes it! Here's a video of him folding diapers yesterday. What a cutie!

Today he also enjoyed watching this free music video that I got a few years ago at Sonshine Festival. I figured he would enjoy seeing the live music, so I put it on for him. Did he ever rock!! Check him out!


Andrea said...

hehe...those are such cute videos - he is rockin' on that one! I think he's going to be in some sorta awesome famous Christain band some day! hehe :) I do!!

Warren & Liane Thiessen said...

The video of him playing guitar is great! You Rock Rowan!!!!

Dayna said...

stacey! i love both the movies! can't believe how big rowan is! he looks like a little person now, no longer a baby! ok, so that has been true for a while... but it has been a really long time since i last saw him! i think it was for a bout 5 seconds this summer at church before i left for germany!

love reading your blog and keeping up to date with your growing family!

take care,

Jobina said...

That is so awesome! Rock on Rowan!

Anonymous said...

Ahaha! That is too cute! Were the sunglasses his idea? Wow, he's a pro already...makes me wonder what he'll be like in a couple of years.
Auntie Michelle

Jay Boaz said...

Wow, Rowan already plays guitar better than I can. :) Best enjoy him helping with chores while you can, cause you know that won't last!