Saturday, December 08, 2007


I waited all week for Saturday, thinking I could finally get something done in my house, and all I've accomplished today is 7 loads of laundry!! Not that that's a small feat, but it just feels kind of, I don't know, like I didn't really do anything.

Bria has been kind of clingy and whiny today. She's still fighting this nasty cold. She doesn't seem to like being with Keith very much, so my only real chance to do anything was while she was sleeping.

Keith did a really good job of cleaning our bedroom, which had kind of become a junk pile for all the things we didn't know what to do with. It feels much more relaxing in our room now. MUCH less clutter!

Okay, now I have a question for all you moms out there. How did you get your kids to poo in the potty, instead of in their pants?! Rowan still poops in his pants daily. It's so frustrating because he'll tell me immediately AFTER he has filled his pants. No amount of reasoning seems to help. I think I'm going to go crazy if he doesn't figure this out soon! Any words of wisdom?

The countdown has begun for Warren & Liane! They are expecting their little Muffin to make an appearance in the next week or two! I just want to meet this little one and go shopping for baby gifts!! You can head over to their blog to see the latest photos of Muffin. Check out the cheeks!


Andrea said...

Hmmm...tough one...with Tate I just watch him and when I see that he's about to poo, I grab him, DASH to the potty and put him on as fast as I can...and it usually works...but Rowan's obviously a I know what Amanda B. does is she gives Benjamin (who's the same age as Rowan I think...maybe even a bit older) a smartie whenever he goes poo in the potty...and he thinks it's a HUGE treat...sooo, I dunno. I really don't have much advice to offer, but maybe a treat would help? Or a sticker chart, or just something that he REALLY loves, but only will get when he goes poo in the potty? Yeah, I know...pretty basic advice, but it's all I can think of! hopefully someone else'll have something more profound to offer ;)

Jobina said...

Oh with Riker I bribed and threatened and nothing worked he still pooped in his pants regularly. With him I actually fed him lunch, then sat him on the potty and explained what happens to your food from when you put it in until it comes out. Then I re-instated the fact that poop is just food garbage. It needs to be out of our bodies and the place to put food garbage is in the toilet. Voila! He got it. Trinity was a different story and it took the bribery of one sticker for pee and two stickers for poop. We even bought a special book to put them in. Every kid is sooooo different! Be encouraged that he tells you after and doesn't sit in it or worse, take off his pants himself and try to dispose of the contents! I've felt sorry for many a Mom who had to deal with that!

The Pauls' said...

I agree with a smartie or other treat. Put him on the potty often and hopefully you can catch it and praise, praise, praise! He will get it and you will survive this! It is never something I look forward to, but such an accomplishment when it finally happens!

Elaine said...

With Jana we tried it with a smartie too and it worked a long time. All at once she started to poo again in her pants and I realized that she was just to lazy to, go to the pot, to pull her trousers of, ... . At that time I was so despaired that I told her, she had to clean up her pant with her own hands. Finally she got it.

Aunt Sheila said...

Well I must say, when it came to potty training the boys there was no bribing. Your uncle Ken is a firm believer in "Not" bribing his children. So that is what we didn't do. I think when a child is "ready" it will just sink in that they need to go sit on the toilet. Waiting till they were ready was the best way to go. By the time all our boys were 2 1/2 years they "got it" and were completely potty trained.
No point in pushing it if they're not ready.
For some kids it might take longer, others may not.
Best of luck with potty training!

Stacey said...

I've done the treat thing before and it hasn't seemed to help much. Maybe it's time to try again?

Unfortunately he HAS tried to clean it up himself a few times, which was sooo gross!

And he is pretty much 'pee trained'. He still has accidents, but not too bad.

anita said...

it took my boys til their 3rd birthday to poop for me on the toilet...they do it when they're ready (both boys. on their birthdays. to the day...) don't stress about it.

Anonymous said...

I gave my son a cold shower and he never did it again!