Thursday, December 27, 2007

Update on the rings

Nope, still nothing. I know they were not in my pockets. I also went through the garbage one last time last night before taking it to the road. At least I can feel better knowing that they haven't been thrown away!

I would like to check the sink drain, but Keith said he doesn't want to take it apart unless we haven't found my rings in a year... I guess it's not much fun to do plumbing!

Oh, and for my friend Carrie-Lee, Rowan and Bria both have red hair, and the closest relatives we have with red hair are an uncle on my side of the family, and an aunt and a cousin on Keith's side of the family. We think it's totally crazy and weird that BOTH of our kids ended up with red hair! Oh well, we love it!


Mrs. Hurzeler said...

I love it too! Red hair is so cute.
PS. I really hope you find those rings.

Anonymous said...

Harv heard it said that his Grandma Wiebe (his mom's mom) had flaring red hair, but he never atually saw her. Our Sonja was born with beautiful red hair ~ we were so surprised because Harv and I both have dark brown hair. Well, actually Harv does have strands of red and his beard is more on the reddish side. At times Sonja's hair was more blonde when she was little, especially in the summer. Now it's auburn or strawberry blonde ~ she has amazing natural highlights.