Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An afternoon in the ER

Yup, it wasn't very much fun either.

This morning Rowan, Bria, and I went visiting. Rowan went into the kitchen in this home and when I came to get him, he told me that he ate 2 pink candies that he found. The thought crossed my mind that maybe it was someone's medication, but I quickly forgot.

We enjoyed lunch with our hostess, and had a good time visiting. Rowan was acting awfully tired though, for only being 12:00. Then when he tried to get up from his chair, he fell off. He had a HUGE fit over some cookies that were offered to him, so bad that our hostess offered to give them to him to take home; a whole plate full!

Rowan continued to scream at me all the way home that he wanted to eat his cookies, and obviously I wasn't going to let him have that many cookies!!

When we got home, we were only inside for a few minutes, and our hostess called. She was really concerned that Rowan had been acting so strange, and then mentioned the 'pink candies' that Rowan ate. I had totally forgotten about that already, and when she reminded me, I just got so scared, because if it was some dangerous medication, well, things could go really bad.

I called my mom to come over (she was at work) because Bria was sleeping. Then Rowan and I ran to the car, and drove to the Hospital.

The nurse and the Doctor that helped us were really nice. They figured out (through a phone call from our hostess) what medication it was. It was prescription sleeping pills! And Rowan had 2 of them!

We were asked to stay in the ER for about 6 hours (we actually left after 5 though) so they could make sure he wouldn't have any adverse reactions. They said most likely he would go back and forth from exhaustion to agitated. Were they ever right!! We were supposed to keep him awake, so my mom (she came later, because Bria woke up and was hungry), Keith (he came from work when my mom called him), and I took turns walking the hallways of the hospital with Rowan. He was sooooooo touchy one minute, and then just ready to fall over the next. It was INSANE!

He seems to be fine other than being so tired though, so we'll see how he is again in the morning.

PS. Please don't ask me who our hostess was. This was not her fault at all, and I should have been watching Rowan better.


Alyssa said...

Wow!! Let me be the first to say how glad I am that nothing worse happened!! Rowy's one tough little guy!

Donna said...

Hope all the symptoms are gone today.

It isn't anyone's fault, kids get into stuff in seconds, we can't keep an eye on them every one of those seconds.

Jay Boaz said...

Wow, I'm glad to hear that Rowan's alright. I'm surprised sleeping pills wouldn't just knock him out.

And I agree with Donna, sometimes kids get into things. Hopefully Rowan learned his lesson about eating random things without finding out what they are first!


Andrea said...

Oh no!! At least it wasn't something worse I guess...but afternoon in the ER is never fun!! Hope he's back to normal today

Brandi said...

Yikes! It just shows that your kids can always get into things that you don't expect!! Kalia opened a "childproof" medicine bottle when she was not even a year old. Glad he's okay though

Jobina said...

I know kids who would have taken a lot more "candies" than too had they found them! Thank goodness Rowan isn't greedy! Glad to hear he's ok, what a scare!

Ellen said...

it happens to all of us mothers, one minute they're here the next they are eating 'candies'. I found TJ eating my prenatal vitamins once, like chewing them (which is so gross!), but the poisen control said he'd have to eat about 10 to get adverse affects from the iron in them. He only had around one before I caught him. hope all goes better today!

Dayna said...

wow! how is he today? how are you? i cannot imagine how scary/draining a day like that would be!

Susanna said...

wow, I agree, that would be so scary. Very glad to hear that Rowan is ok!!

Elaine said...
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Elaine said...
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Anonymous said...

One of my kids once ate two "candies" - which turned out to be 1 children's tylenol and 1 extra strength tylenol. He then had to drink some ipekak (sp?) which made him throw up. It took many years and many headaches before he was willing to take any meds again! It is a scary time waiting to see that they're okay. Hope all is back to normal today.

aunt Monika