Saturday, January 12, 2008

Appointment Update & Rice Cereal

So, a million thanks to everyone who prayed for us on Thursday! Bria was so good. She was awake for probably an hour before her appointment, but she didn't cry at all! She was a little bit anxious during the test, but nothing major, and NO TEARS! It was unbelievably good.

We won't know the results til February 1st, when we go to see the specialist again, but the Ultrasound Tech noticed and pointed out to us that her right kidney (the one that was functioning normally but still had an extra growth and ureter) looked totally normal now! So, I guess the extra piece of kidney disappeared! Yay! Now we're hoping the left side will do the same, but on Thursday it looked like it was still draining really slow.

On an entirely different note, Bria tried her first solid food on Thursday! I gave her some really runny rice cereal, and she loved it! I took a short video while feeding her, so it was kind of hard to hold the camera in one hand and feed her with the other. I think she's going to be a good eater!


Anonymous said...

Soo cute! Glad the appointment went well.

Jobina said...

wow is she ever a good eater! Most kids spit more than swallow the first few times! So glad the appointment was easy going and positive.

Warren said...

Ha! That's great.