Thursday, January 03, 2008

Baby Bjorn potty

A while back, Jon & Andrea came to visit us. Andrea and I were chatting about cloth diapers and potty training, when she mentioned that she had a little potty for Tate. I had seen them online before, and I knew that Drea has one, so I was really interested to hear what she had to say about it. She said it was perfect for little people. She also happened to have 2 of them, so she said I could have one!! Yay!!

So, today I pulled it out, thinking I would see how Bria's little bum fit on it. It's awesome! And, she's peed in her potty 5 times already today! She looks so cute sitting on it too. We'll see if I can get the hang of this infant potty thing. Seems like a good idea.

Here's a picture of what ours looks like. I would take a picture myself, but our camera battery is dead (again).


Andrea said...

Yay! Go Stacey!! I'm serious...this infant potty training thing ROCKS - Tate poops in the toilet almost every day now...and yeah - this is the best part - not having to clean off poopy cloth diapers! hehe :) Good luck!!

Jobina said...

if it means a few less diapers to change, why not? Cute potty too!

Susanna said...

This is what Addison has too and it's the only thing he will use but it works great! It's especially good for boys because the front goes so mom pulled the potty out of the attic (she used it to train my brother about 16 yrs ago)and I didn't think they made them like that any more! I love it, and it's so portable too!

Drea said...

awe u gotta get a modest pic of her on it! :-)
we have the red one and love it. its handy. lately taite prefers the big one. But the tiny ones are so nice when they are small like bria.