Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Contest stuff

*WARNING* Scary pictures of myself in this post. Proceed with caution.

Well, for those of you who don't know, there is a HUGE bloggy contest carnival going on! I'm not giving anything away, but you should definitely check it out! Most contests all you have to do is leave a comment on that particular blog, so no big posts about it or anything. That is great for me, because I get tired of posting stuff, which is why I haven't really done much of that. Click here to take you to the massive list of blog giveaways. Don't say I didn't warn you, it's INSANE!

BUT, today I'm going to post about a contest, because I have missed out on too many things that I would like to have won. Blogging about it gives me an extra entry, so today I'm going to do it. Just ask Andrea, she wins EVERYTHING. (Can you tell I'm a bit disappointed about not winning the Sleepy Wrap? Love you Andrea, nothing against you, but I WANT your winning luck!!) This is how I felt when I found out that I didn't win:

OK, so today I'm entering to win a beautiful sling from Slingcarrier.com, over at DE Review. Drea has a few of these slings, and she even did some great instructional videos for the website.

I love that you can get a closed-tail sling. I find it a pain to have the tail hanging sometimes, and it would be nice to have a sling that is easier to adjust.

One great thing about slingcarrier.com is the prices! If I was to buy a sling, it would be from this site, because they are actually AFFORDABLE! No $100 price tag here!

So, my thanks to Andrea (Drea) and Elizabeth for giving me one more chance to win! I love checking your blogs, and thanks for showing me all these cool things and making me WANT THEM!! Pick me, pretty please??

If you do, I'll look like this:


Andrea said...

lol!! Love those pictures - you are too funny. And yeah...I actually didn't take the wrap because sleepy wrap is sending me 1 to review also! Soooo...I contemplated taking it and then giving it to you, but both Drea and I thought it wouldn't quite be fair (even though I REALLY wanted to...trust me! I did!!! :) )...so she picked a new winner...and boo hoo! It wasn't you like I hoped. Sigh. Oh well. Hopefully you'll win the sling!!!

Knitting Mama said...

Drea drew my name, and I won the wrap. I saw your comment on Drea's blog!

I hope you win the slingcarrier contest. I'm not entering it - because I just found out today Drea drew my name.

(I never win anything either - LOL).

It'll be good for baby number 2 on the way this June! My 13 month old son is getting too heavy to carry while pregnant! (Back issues)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Love the pictures. I almost feel sorry for you, you look so sad=) Better luck next time.

Drea said...

SOWWIE!! 20% discount on a sleepy wraps pretty good tho. Do you want to borrow one from me? I'll be happy to loan one to you. I like to keep extra wraps on hand so I can help mamas out (like you) But you are welcome to it for a year. Let me know! Or the bundleboo. :-)

Robyn who I drew 2nd is a good mama. Shes pregnant 2 so she can use this wrap.

Maybe you will win the slingcarrier!

Erin said...

YOu are so cute...this post was adorable!