Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I got overly ambitious...

... and look what I made!!

This is a Scandi Mei Tai. I got the pattern from a link on Drea's blog a while back. She actually offered to make one for me, but I figured I could try it myself first. And, I don't think I did too bad! Mind you, some of the seams are a bit crooked, and I improvised a bit here and there, but I think I did a pretty good job for my first Mei Tai!!

Keith was making fun of me yesterday, asking if I had that many children that I wanted to carry, since I have a few different carriers. If only he could understand... they are just all so different, and good for different situations!

I have a feeling I'll be making more of these in the future, or maybe modifying it to make my own pattern. Anyway, it was fun, and it felt AMAZING to actually accomplish something that I had never done before.

I think as a mom I get kind of stuck in a rut of always doing the same things, and not trying anything new. I think it's time I branched out of my little 'comfortable' life!

Here's a picture of me with my model, Rowan's huge stuffed puppy! Bria is taking a nap, and I couldn't wait to post this. (I have a few more things to do this afternoon, other than blogging!)

I encourage you all to go out and do something that you aren't quite sure you can do. A little challenge never hurt anyone!!


Drea said...

That is such a funny pic w/ the toy dog! It looks fantastic tho! Comfortable 2! are the straps made out of cord? I really like it and im glad you figured it out. Looks great

Susanna said...

Love the puppy! You're looking great - how did you lose the baby weight so fast?!

Andrea said...

Okay...now I have to try this FOR SURE! I've been wanting to ever since Drea posted about it...but if you can do it, I can (I hope!!) do it too. :) Oh, and Jonathan always bugs me about how many different carriers I have too - he always asks me "don't you have ENOUGH already?" when I want to try to make a new one, or something - they don't stay home all day and use them though, so they just don't get that they ALL have their own special benefits! And yeah...I will never be able to have too may baby carriers! haha :)

Andrea said...

I wish I could sew better. Awesome!