Saturday, January 05, 2008

My tough cookie tossed his cookies

Yup, last night Rowan called me from his room at around 1:00. I had no idea what was wrong until I stepped into a puddle on the floor. Puke. Not cool. About 45 minutes later I had him and his room all cleaned up, and the bedding in the laundry.

I decided to move him into our room, on the floor so he was closer in case he puked again. Thankfully he was fine for the rest of the night. He never even cried about it. What a tough little guy.

He was back to himself all day today too, though a little tired. I hope that the rest of us don't get whatever he had. I hate throwing up. I'm such a baby. I cry every time.

Tomorrow is Sunday. A day for relaxation, and family! Mom called this evening to invite us over for lunch tomorrow. 2 kinds of borscht. Yum!! My part of the deal is bringing a can of tomato soup over to add to the cabbage borscht. Sounds like a plan!


Jobina said...

Horray for Moms! Yours deserves a big hug!

Melanie said...

You've been tagged by me! Check out my blog for more details.