Sunday, January 13, 2008

A post about poop

Ha!! Now that probably got your attention, didn't it!! Yup, this post is all about poop, and my two wonderful little people whom I have to clean up after!

Today was a milestone for Rowan. We had guests over this evening , and he was having a blast playing with Ryan and Natalie. Then he got up and walked to the bathroom by himself. I went to see what was up, thinking maybe he had pooped in his pants. He told me that he needed to poop, and he sat down on his potty. Sure enough, HE POOPED IN THE POTTY!!! And without anyone taking him, or asking him if he had to go!!! I'm just so excited and proud of him! This has been a long time coming.

Bria also has been a little stinker the last few days. She has had most of her BM's on her little potty! I just sit her down and make a 'psst' sound, and she goes!! She either pees or poops or both, every time I put her on the potty. It's so awesome! I never knew it could be so cool to see your baby use a potty!! Here's a couple pictures of her on her little potty. It's like she knows exactly what to do! Oh yeah, and she's drooling like a leaky faucet!!

Oh, and did I mention that it's hard to take a picture when you're trying to hold a baby still?! Sorry they're a bit blurry.


Andrea said...

Yay!! How exciting...and I's so funy how us mommies get so excited about our babies pooping or peeing in potties! haha.:)

jennwa said...

Before kids, did you ever expect to get excited about poop? I am potty training too, so I know you are happy.

Mason and Terri's Mom said...

YAAAAAAAY! To babies pooping in the potty!! Oh and big boys!!!!


Drea said...

Thats awesome.
It is very excited.
I'll give you some warning though. My friend Lis in Cali for told me about ECing. Shes the one who lost her husband in Iraq when her daughter was 4 months old. Lis EC'd her lil girl since she was 4 months old and still had potty issues with her until she was 2.

I remember she came to visit me while pregnant w/ Taite. Her lil girl was 2 and still had diapers at night and accidents throughout the day. She was in underwear for the most part at that age but Lis told me it was hard at times.

And this is coming from a mom who had one main focus.. her daughter. She has no other kids and no husband... so she was very disciplined with Ecing but its still hard for babies to control things even when taught.

I think babies can be trained to go. Like Taite, Bria understands when she hears that noise to try to push.. but she really has no control over it yet.

So dont get down if next week shes pooping every nap in her diaper :-) cause thats how its been with us. One week we do great ecing.. the next poop, poop, and more poop in diapers. Its touch and go.

They do look unusually adorable on those small toilets tho haha.

Ow and Lis is still all for ECING :-) but I think we need to be open to the idea that some kids arent as good at it than others.

Calebs almost 3 1/2 and still wears pullups at night. I have tried my hardest to get him out of these but i think its just part of being a boy and he cant help it. We've even done the sleep on a hospital type pad at night deal.. and Wake them up at 3am to pee... he still wets.

I just love him and figure a year or so more in pull ups wont kill us :-) im just glad he poops in toilets haha and was trained before Taite entered the world