Saturday, January 19, 2008

Update on Rowy etc.

Well, I so happy to say that my little man is back to his usual self! Even yesterday the sparkle in his eye wasn't quite as bright as usual. Apparently it can take a few days for all the effects of the sleeping pills to wear off. We are incredibly thankful that he is ok. It was really scary to see how the pills affected him.

This morning he has been totally back to normal. That includes all the yelling, singing, drum playing, dancing silliness of Rowan! Not a quiet moment here this morning!

A few days ago Keith and Rowan went outside to clear the driveway. Rowan had fun with his little red shovel. I took a few videos from inside, through the window. At one point Rowan picks up a chunk of hard snow and tries to throw it, but it sticks to his mitten instead! Too funny. He still loves to throw everything.


Andrea said...

Good to hear that Rowan is back to normal...and that is so cute and funny when he tries to throw the snow and it sticks to his mitt! haha :) And I hope you win that bib on my blog too! Maybe I should get Tate to pick numbers outta a bucket this time since the random number picker never picks you!

Drea said...

That shovel video was so CUTE!! I just a chance to see it. My dad hated that as a kid tho ;) or maybe he was a teen.