Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Beard

Well, I'm surprised that you all like the beard so much! It does look very mature and 'manly', I have to agree, but I don't think I can handle the pokies! Just ask Keith, he didn't get a whole l0t of kissing action during those two weeks! Haha.... anyway, I think the scruffy look that Brenda (is it okay if I drop the Auntie?) mentioned, that I could handle. So we'll see what Keith decides!

Some better pictures might have helped too. If Keith is ever home during the daylight, I'll try to get some more accurate pics! Maybe he'll try the beard again... or maybe not.

So, I got something for Keith for Valentine's Day, and I can't wait to give it to him. (Hope you'll like it Keith!) It is something that, to my knowledge, Keith has never had before.

I think we'll have a nice dinner of beef stroganoff, a big salad, and maybe some of the MILLION cookies I made with Rowan yesterday. Why did I not remember that my mom's cream cookie recipe is so huge? I was baking all afternoon! We'll be eating heart shaped cookies til Easter!

Here's a few pictures of Rowan helping me with the cookies. Let's just say he didn't make it go any faster!

I was going to get some picture of the heaps of baked cookies, but I lost interest by that time! Let's just say that I was a bit exhausted!

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