Monday, February 25, 2008

Bria's Flowers

Bria has discovered a new toy! She was getting really cranky the other day, so I sat her on the floor and gave her these rubbery flower coasters. She LOVED it! I guess they are fun to pick up and stuff in her mouth, which is what she does with everything these days!

Of course, she is drenched with drool. I hope some teeth come in soon, cause this is getting ridiculous!

I'll post a few of the pictures here also so Keith's mom and anyone else on dial up can at least get the idea!


Anonymous said...

I love that smile - drool and all! Thanks for letting me in on the 'action':)

Peter & Irene said...

She is so cute & beautiful, i like her hair...!
Thanks for the website for teh car seat, is it the first carseat for 229$???