Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My friends, and meeting little Kelsi Leanne

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On Monday night some of my friends and I headed over to visit our friend Bev and her new baby. Little Kelsi Leanne was born on January 23, so she's still pretty new to the world! She was so bright eyed and alert. She was fascinated with all the new faces I think.
Bev is doing great as a new mom, and it's so fun to see one of my high school friends become a parent! Maybe I should give you all a little history lesson on my little group of friends...

Throughout high school, I basically hung out with the same 4 girls, with a few other people here and there. Jaclyn, Bev, Christine and Melissa. Let me introduce you to them.


She's beautiful, fun, a talented hair stylist, and a super wife to her hubby Myron. Jaclyn and I grew up together, attending the same church. Sometime in elementary school, her family moved on to a different church, and Jaclyn and I parted ways for a while. Then in grade 9, when we were the newbies in high school, we found each other again, and hit it off pretty quick! We see each other occasionally, whenever I FINALLY make it to the salon where she works (not nearly often enough!).


Bev is the quiet one most of the time! We met in elementary school, had our ups and downs, and are still friends all these years later. We always joke that Bev never tells us anything until it's past being 'official'. Like when she met Steve, we really didn't know anything about him until they were practically married! With her pregnancy, we only got to see her the week before she was due! Bev is a farm girl at heart, and we have some interesting stories of some after school adventures at her place involving mice... but I won't tell! She'll be back on the field this Spring, helping Steve with the farming. Little Kelsi is going to grow up in the tractor!


Christine is the fire in our group of friends! She is always fun, passionate, entertaining, and she says it like it is. She also likes to throw in a little Low German here and there, to bring us all back to our Mennonite roots! Christine and I grew up living across the street from each other, so we played together a lot. We did fun things like making stew from all the rotting veggies that were left in our gardens in fall (we didn't actually eat it!), eating raw onions, and writing song to sing from the top of the snow banks in winter. Christine is currently dating Jake, whom I have yet to meet in the daylight for 'real'! I did see him once before I knew they were dating, but I had no idea! I'm looking forward to a wedding in the near future...


Melissa is willing to try anything, just once! We've had many interesting experiences with Melissa's cooking! We always get together for Christmas and sometime in summer, usually for a meal and a late night of visiting. Melissa used to always host us at her parents house... until she tried to feed us homemade crackers. Let's just say we all started volunteering to host and cook! Melissa has a huge heart for God, and is actually waiting to go overseas as a missionary very soon. She just needs to collect all of her financial support before she can leave. I love seeing her passion for God, and I know she'll do great things. We all think she's going to end up marrying some guy in a tiny village somewhere, and live in a hut. It makes me sad to think that we won't be seeing her again for a long time when she leaves.

Okay, so now that you've met my friends, I have one more little story to tell you. When we were in grade 12, we all decided to go camping together for our 'skip day' (you know, when all the grade 12 students skip school on the same day). Anyway, we had a TON of crazy adventures that weekend, including me chopping my finger with an ax, driving crazily through the city with studded tires on Bev's huge car, crashing at Bev's brother's apartment since the weather was not co-operating, etc. We were pretty hyper and we started talking about getting married, having babies, and just growing up in general. We decided to make a guess as to who would get married first and have kids first. So, we came up with this order:

Marriage: Jaclyn, Stacey, Bev, Christine, Melissa
Babies: Stacey, Jaclyn, Bev, Christine, Melissa

Here's how it's ended up so far:

Marriage: Stacey, Jaclyn, Bev, and soon to be Christine! (She's not engaged yet, but we know it's coming!)
Babies: Stacey, Bev

Yup, so I jumped the gun on the marriage thing! It's been fun to watch each others lives unfold, and I look forward to many more good times with these girls!

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Oh...she is adorable:) How awesome to have such great friends.