Saturday, February 09, 2008

What to do for Valentine's Day

So, how does Valentine's Day work when you have kids? Last year Keith and I had a nice dinner together at home. You can read about that here.

This year though, I have NO idea what to do! I'm not sure who would want to babysit on Valentine's Day. Maybe we'll just have to celebrate once the kids are in bed.

It will be 5 years since we got engaged! Yup, we got engaged on Valentine's Day, which is why we like to celebrate it. I know some people are not into celebrating, and that's ok, but we think it's pretty special. 5 years, and my rings are already lost :( I still can't get Rowan to help me find them. I tried quite a few times yesterday, with various bribes, but no luck!

If anyone has any ideas for us, let me know!


Sheila said...

The last couple of years we've just gotten take out. We love Chinese, so that's our usuual. I haul out the candles, have a nice romantic supper for 5, and then celebrate once the kids are in bed!
Too much info! :)
We're still not home, but as soon as we arrive Zach is off to Clear Lake for a couple of days over Valentines, and I was hoping he could babysit this year. Not going to happen. Oh well, maybe next year!

Andrea said...

Yeah...I like celebrating Valentines Day too, but we do it with Tate now. :) Usually we just go out to eat and since that rarely happens it's a treat. :) Then you know, we write each other sappy cards, etc. haha. :)

Jobina said...

Mark and I usually rent a movie, or light a fire in the fireplace and just hang out. I try to make a special meal even though the kids are around and some special dessert or snack for wen they're asleep. I think the best thing is just being intentional about telling the other person how much you love and appreciate them. Little notes, kisses, telling them, hugs, time, whatever! Last year I cleaned the house for Mark plus made an awesome supper. Life is simple here, but good!

Ellen said...

Just be glad you two can spend the evening together! Holidays and the such take on a new meaning when you have to spend them alone vs. when you actually get to spend them with your significant other!! Like everyone else has mentioned you just kinda work around the kids :)