Monday, March 17, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:

Saturday night was awesome! We dropped Rowan and Bria of at Nana & Papa's house around 6pm, and then headed off to the dinner theater. The whole way there I was expecting the cell phone to ring, saying that Bria was having a fit. She's never been away from mommy for more than a few minutes before, and I was worried that she wouldn't handle it very well. Actually, my mom came with us to the Dentist's office a few weeks ago, and that went OK too, but I was right there, and I could have at least calmed her down if had needed to.

Anyway, we were able to enjoy a hilarious dinner theater while our kids had fun with Nana & Papa. It seems that Bria is discovering her love of Nana, just like Rowan did as a baby. This is such a relief! Thanks so much to Mom & Dad for offering to take all 3 kids (Selah was there too). It made our evening relaxed knowing that our kids were in good hands!

The Bad & The Ugly:

These are one and the same. I've been using the Skin MD Shielding Lotion for the past week. I must be the only one that this stuff doesn't work for, because it's been AWFUL! My eczema has flared up SOOOO bad, and my skin is just flaking off. Last night I finally gave in and used my Mary Kay Satin Hands. This morning my hands look much better because of it, but they are still UGLY and dry. My elbows are a nightmare as well.

I think I've been using the Shielding Lotion much too frequently for my liking. I have to reapply every few hours, and then my skin is still so dry after, that I'm not sure it's worth it. And this stuff is really expensive. I'm so glad that I got to try it though, because now I don't have to spend the money on something that obviously does not work for me.

I'm honestly VERY surprised, since I have only seem amazing reviews for this lotion. The website even claims that they have yet to find someone that it doesn't work for. Well, here I am. I'm the first!

I will continue to use the lotion, til the bottle is gone, but it definitely is NOT going to last a month, which is how long they asked me to review for.

I have this problem with a patch of eczema between my eyes, on the bridge of my nose. It's always dry and flaky. The Skin MD has only aggravated this problem, and it's just UGLY!!!! I'm going to post a picture of my face, please don't be scared away. It's not so pretty!

It's really hard to take a somewhat flattering picture of myself! Camera angles are strange. Anyway, here I am, freshly awake in the morning, no makeup. You can click on the picture for a full view of my flaky skin!
If anyone has some kind of skin care that they think would help me, please leave a comment! I'd love to find something that is safe, and will work for me!


Dallas and Tara said...

Carter has had some excema and we got a prescription lotion for him from our doctor. It usually clears up in a week with it.

Jobina said...

What a great night out! Yay for Nana's and Papa's!
As for the come you're going to keep using it if it makes your skin so bad? Maybe you could pass it on to someone else if it works for them? I couldn't see any flaky skin on the pic, but I know what you're talking about. I've had that one before too. I hope it clears up for you!

Cindi said...

If you already have the satin hands set, you probably have the cure right there! I have a patch of excema on my arm, and I just put the extra emollient night cream on it a couple times a day as I remembered, and it's gone. It really works good.

Evi said...

I opened up the comment link only to find that Cindi has the same suggestion as I would only need a small spot of that emollient cream...and if it gets red or spotty try getting some hydrocortisone cream (over the counter) from any drugstore to put under the MK cream at bed time.
Another thing that works surprisingly well (though sounds horrible) is Monistat Derm cream...some reluctant rashes tend to be caused by excess yeast in our systems and the little cream that comes with the 'Yeast Infection Kit' works great topically too...this works especially well for skin fold rashes (even in babies, because it's so gentle) but also on other stubborn skin issues.

or you could try CRISCO...LOL...that's what Mrs.Friesen would tell you!

Susanna said...

evi (above) has great advice, I've found the same things to work really well myself - the emollient cream and the hydrocortisone cream (I've used it for Addison and his dry skin cleared up immediately). Best of luck!

Mom said...

I don't know what's up with the shielding lotion, but it doesn't seem to be working for me either, so don't feel bad.'ll have to come check out the pics we took (albeit few) of 'our fun evening' together with the kiddos :)