Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mickiswing ~ Review

Last weekend we had a wonderful time visiting with Keith's family. It was fairly nice out on Good Friday, so the girls and I went for a walk. Thankfully I had packed my new sling, from Mickiswing! It was the perfect way for Bria to enjoy the walk with us.

I've used this sling around the house, at the grocery store, and outside on a few walks, and I love how secure it holds Bria. I have no fear of her slipping down, or falling out of this sling. The fabric is a beautiful blue/green batik that makes me think of the ocean when I see it.

It can be a little bit tricky to adjust the sling at first, but with a bit of practice, it works really well. In fact, I like the rings tight like this, because it seems to hold more secure.

Christine also makes a few other products, including mei tais, wraps, hot/cold compresses, nursing pads, and mini wetbags.

Her aromatherapy hot/cold compresses are particularly special, because of the herbs that she uses to fill them. Most hot/cold compresses are filled with wheat, rice, or flax, and generally just warm or cool the spot you place them on. These compresses also sooth and help to heal with a special blend of herbs. I sure could have used these during my bouts with mastitis! Another use that Christine mentions is on the tummy of a colicky baby. This is a great idea! Think of how nice it would feel to have a warm compress on your upset tummy.

The mini wetbags have many uses as well. For those of you who use a Diva Cup, cloth pads, or just need a place to store something small, these bags are perfect. I own two of them. They close with a snap at the top, and the top edge is bound with fold over elastic, so it is slightly stretchy.

For those of you interested in a baby carrier, Christine would like to offer free shipping within the US. Just make sure to mention this review in the notes section when you place your order, and wait for her to send you an invoice before you pay.

You can also read about what Christine and her family are up to, over at her blog. She has a beautiful family!


Wendy said...

A great review and I LOVE the photos:) ADORABLE!!

Andrea said...

Very cute sling- I love the colors of it!!

Micki said...

Stacey, thanks so much for doing the review! I really appreciate it :)

The pictures are adorable, BTW!