Friday, March 14, 2008

"Mommy, help me"

This is what I hear over and over at meal times. It's getting to be a bit frustrating. Rowan has known how to feed himself for a long time now, but he's getting lazy. He wants to sit there while I feed him, like a baby. He whines and cries until I give in, and I'm tired of it! I've told him that he's a big boy now, and he can learn to eat by himself. He just replies, 'Mommy, I'm not a big boy, I'm a little boy!" Now what do I say to that?

Today we had our usual showdown at lunch, with me compromising to putting the food on his fork. I was pretty sure he was just getting tired, and that makes things worse for everyone! After he finally finished, he sat down to listen to Adventures In Oddessy, and fell asleep on the chair! So, I put him in his bed.

I really need to figure out how to stop the whining at mealtimes though. I want to stay positive with him, but some days it's just so hard!

On a different topic... the other day I bought the cutest fabric to sew a dress for Bria. I'm no seamstress, but Keith's mom bought some patterns a while ago, and I know she's made lots of little dresses before! I'm sure that kept her busy, having 3 girls to sew for! I was torn between some girlie pink fabrics and this brown one, but the brown won! It just suits Bria better with her red hair and all. The blue fabric is for either lining or maybe to mix and match with the brown. I'm not sure yet!

Stay tuned early next week for a new review! I got the cutest little clip to review... and I love it so much I just went and bought 2 more!!


Larissa Joy said...

i know I'm not a parent right now, but I would let him go hungry if he didn't want to feed himself.

Andrea said...

Oh, that would be tough with Rowan - Tate has been acting more difficult at meal times too recently - although it might be due to teething. I hope you can figure out a way to get him to stop whining...I think I might let Tate go hungry too though if he was older and wouldn't feed himself even though he knows how to...

And I love that fabric for Bria! I can't wait to see the little dress you make her!

Ellen said...

well I have the exact opposite problem.. it's not a meal times but a lot of other times during the day Tristian is all about "Tristian do it" or "myself" meaning he wants to do everything and it's tough sometimes because it takes soooooooo long!! and then if I even partially attempt to help him he gets upset and starts over so HE can do it ALL himself.. Like getting him into the car to go somewhere - he wants to do it all himself and it takes forever and I get so frustrated because usually I don't have that much time to waste!! Anyway, so much for my rant :) I do love that fabric that you bought!! it will be a lovely dress for sure!!

Cindi said...

With Chloe, whenever she gets really whiny and we're around a younger child I always ask her if she wants to teach the other baby how to whine or how to talk nicely. She always picks to talk nicely, and the whining stops. If we're alone, I tell her that I can't hear her when she's whining and that she needs to ask nicely. It usually works. You could also try giving Rowan baby food when he says he's too little to feed himself. Then make sure it's food that doesn't taste good so he doesn't actually want to eat it.