Saturday, March 01, 2008

You know you wanna try it!

This is what I bought today. After seeing the Neti Pot demonstration on Oprah a while ago, I knew I wanted to try this. A Neti Pot is supposed to clear your sinuses and relieve allergy symptoms (among other things, but this is why I bought it).

I was able to get it at our local health food store, which was nice. I hate paying for shipping on something if I don't have to! You can buy it online though too.

Basically you put some salt and warm water in the pot, stir it up, and then gently pour the water through one nostril, and it comes out the other! Switch sides, and then blow your nose a few times.

My head hasn't felt this 'clean' in a looong time! It's kind of odd, actually. I'm going to try using this everyday for a while, and see if it clears up my allergies a bit. I'm tired of going through a box of tissues every week.

Here's a demo video for the Neti Pot. It shows you how to use it correctly. Enjoy!


mom said...

Oh man, I could have done without the demo! Glad it works for you tho :)

Drea said...

HAHA! Travis and I both just died laughing. That was SO FUNNY to watch. Now this is what I want to see... A VIDEO OF YOU DOING IT!!! Id seriously drown if I tried that.. I cant even blow my nose properly let alone drain it with water. Makes sense tho :-)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I think you're going to get me to get one, too. I saw the same Oprah and should have just got one back then!


Wendy said...

I also saw this in Oprah and wanted to get one for my hubby who suffers year round from allergies. I may just have to get one for him now:) It's nice to see it really works!

Andrea said...

I bought one after seeing it on Oprah too. I like it but I don't do it regularly and I felt the same way you did. =) Mine doesn't look as nice as yours though. It plastic. Hee hee.

Melanie said...

I'm with your mom - that demo kinda scared me with the liquid draining from her nostril. But if it works, great! Walter & I were commenting for the rest of the weekend how we could use that thing right about now!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully nobody tries to make tea in your Neti Pot!!!! LOL!!