Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idol made me go 'hmmm'

Not sure what to think of last night's Idol Gives Back show. I caught a few snippets here and there. What really took me aback was the performance of the song 'Shout to the Lord' at the end of the show. WHAT??!!! Yes, that's right, they were all dressed in white singing a very Christian song in a very secular arena.

What really bothered me was the way they changed the first line from "My Jesus, my Savior" to "My Shepherd, my Savior". It could be argued that Jesus is the only One referred to as Shepherd, but it still rubs me the wrong way.

Here is my take on it. It could be a few different things. Either they are trying to score more donations by appealing to Christians, who are known for their giving, or they are trying to make the song into an all-encompassing 'god' song, and appeal to all religions.

Either way, it bothers me. I love that song, and it really did sound amazing with so much talent behind the vocals, but it still leaves me feeling like something is wrong with that picture.

Maybe it all stems back to the fact that the show is called American Idol. That in itself has always bothered me. I watch the show because I love music and singing, but I always feel guilty for watching a show that exalts humans to the point of calling them idols. I don't want to worship any human. God commands us to stay away from idols, to worship only Him.

Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I'm sure there are some very valid points out there that I haven't thought of.


Mrs. Hurzeler said...

It is funny you say that because my husband and I had a discussion something like that after we watched the show. I mentioned to him that even Brooke White and David Archuletta who are more "spiritual" than the others, are Mormons and not Christians. So why are we watching the show? We have decided not to get cable TV when sell the house and move. And I feel like we need to watch or listen to good things, so that good things come out!

Anonymous said...

i happened to watch that last part of the american idol episode last night and i thought the song was beautiful. i think we read too much into things, and i thought it was a very nice touch to end off the show. i think instead of judging these competetors, celebrities, or public figures on tv, we need to examine our own lives. we don't know them, they don't know us. i am a christian, and aren't we taught to be accepting of others, regardless of race, culture, religion, age, sex, orientation, etc. i think i have better things to do with my life then to be judgemental of others. i just happen to come across this blog, and i do not know you at all, and this is just my oppinion. i have no intention of being unkind in any way, just my thoughts.

Stacey said...


Thanks for your comment. It's good to hear another point of view. I did have those thoughts too, and really, we don't know the hearts of the contestants or anyone else in the show.

Andrea said...

Great post! I do watch American Idol all the time (although like you I don't like the IDOL part of the name at all!!), but I didn't watch much of the one last night. I found it a bit boring...probably because I'm not really interested in all those other singers/celebrities they had on I turned it off and did something else after watching for about 20 minutes. So I never saw the ending...but I think that changing Jesus to Shepherd isn't quite right either. I think if they were just trying to appeal to Christians they would have left Jesus in my take on it is that they were probably trying to be more 'inclusive' of other religions, etc. I do find it a bit weird that they actually sang a Christian song, but if you're going to sing a Christian song...why not just leave it be how it was written (to be a a Christian, JESUS glorifying song) instead of changing the words?

Anonymous said...

I usually watch the show but didn't last night. I would think they changed the words to not offend the other religions. I think it's great that Christian songs are being used in the secular world. If that is the only change, that's pretty good. It would not surprise me to hear of God using that song (even the changed version) to speak to someone at that moment. God is so much bigger that we sometimes give Him credit for and He has a way of using for good what man meant for evil. As ignorant as the world seems to be about the Bible, it amazes me how many TV shows (and even newspaper articles and comics) have some Biblical references in them. For a world that doesn't acknowledge the Bible as truth, it sure refers to the different stories and uses them as truth. We can't put God in a box and we can't be the ones deciding how He uses the decisions man makes to further His kingdom. But we can pray that the foolish decisions of man are used to show how wise He is.
aunt Monika

sheila said...

Thanks Monika, I would of said the same thing. I did however watch most of the show, and saw the ending, and must say it sounded beautiful. Although I too didn't like the way they changed the words. Hopefully that song reached millions of unbelievers.

sheila said...

Thanks Monika, I would of said the same thing. I did however watch most of the show, and saw the ending, and must say it sounded beautiful. Although I too didn't like the way they changed the words. Hopefully that song reached millions of unbelievers.

Andrea said...

I just watched the results show tonight and they sang Shout to the Lord again, and this time they sang "My Jesus, My savior!" Sooo....I guess they must have changed the words BACK or something?? Weird.

Melanie said...

In any case, they must have had permission from those who hold the copywrite to change the words, etc. I hope that despite it all the message of Jesus Christ is still heard.

CC said...

I missed the show, but that does seem hmmmmmmmmm??

BTW, I LOVE the pic of your kids in your header! Precious!t

Stacey said...

~Aunt Monika

Good point. God can work through many circumstances, and this is a very powerful song.





Drea said...

Hi Stacey,
I can finally comment on this since I saw the rest of the show. Actually my tv cut off the final performance on give back but the next day they performed it again.. so I saw it .. just not on that night.

I did watch the entire give back show though and I thought they did a wonderful way showing the needs of this country... and other countries.. the sad fact is that helping peoples physical needs can only do so much.. and even though they will be more comfortable and it can benefit a persons health, etc... it cannot save a person from eternity.

I do think though that the fact they are trying to get more americans to be more giving is a great thing to see... rather than how most americans are featured on tv these days... as selfish.

So I found that to be very nice.
I didnt like the 1st performance. Im not a huge fan of the half naked chicks prancing around.. I just dont like that because I know for us personally its uncomfortable allowing those images into our home.. men are so easily tempted. So that I didnt like.

I did like the videos of the celebs visiting all the needy though.

And as far as the my jesus my savior song. I love that song 2! I thought they did a fantastic job performing it.. beautifully done. I do find it funny that some up there are most likely not even believers.. yet singing a song like that with such passion.

My take on it... If it gets the name of Christ out there than great! I didnt feel persuaded in any way to give because of that song. I would of given despite hearing a christian song. But I can see how some may view it that way.

I just think its awesome that they were singing such a uplifting and biblical song.

So I personally had no problem with it at all. I may even write a blog about it now that ive seen it. Good post tho!

anita said...

I was shocked that they sang that song but I figured, "hey, this show is watched more than almost any other and now none of the people who watched can say they haven't heard about Christ." I thought it was cool.

Evi said...

But what does it matter? The important thing is that
in every way, whether from false motives or true,
Christ is preached. And because of this, I rejoice.
-Philippians 1:18 (NIV)

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit slow on the draw here ... I missed 'Idol Gives Back' but caught the ending when they sang 'Shout to the Lord.' I too was so amazed and puzzled, but I would have to agree, if Christ is being proclaimed even in this unusual way, praise God! Think of the millions of people who watch this show. I saw the results show on Thursday when they sang this song again and noticed the change to the original lyrics ("Jesus" not "Shepherd"). It is all very curious indeed. When we were on the Doulos I remember we sometimes had translators who weren't Christians, but they were translating in our evangelistic meetings - some received Christ as a result. So you never know how God can use unbelievers and maybe even change their lives through something like this. 'Shout to the Lord' is such a powerful song ~ it's one of my favorites. What I'm wondering is who chose the song in the first place (for American Idol)?? Anyway, great post, Stacey!

~Aunt Brenda