Friday, April 18, 2008

Babywearing Help from The Baby Sling Shop

If you are new to babywearing, it can be very overwhelming to see all the different carriers out there. How do you know if a specific carrier is what you are looking for? What kind of carries can you do with it? How well does it work for toddlers?

There are so many questions that you may have, and The Baby Sling Shop is an awesome place to start finding answers! They sell Mei Tai's, Wraps, Slings, Pouches, and Soft Carriers, and have all the information you will need to know about each style of carrier, and how they all compare.

I was very interested in trying a Kozy Carrier, since I have heard a lot of people say they love them. Deanna, the owner of The Baby Sling Shop, sent me a Kozy to try out. I have to say, if you are looking for a nice sturdy workhorse of a Mei Tai, that is still beautiful, this is it! I am very impressed with the style and fit of the Kozy.

I love the shorter straps, because I don't like too much extra fabric hanging around. I also love the size of the body. It would be a great carrier from birth to toddler. If you are looking for a Mei Tai, definitely try a Kozy!

The Baby Sling Shop would like to offer you, my readers, FREE SHIPPING on your next purchase! How great is that! You will have to email Deanna to place your order though, since her cart doesn't support coupon codes. Just let her know what you want, and that you read about this offer on my blog. She will then send you an invoice for your purchase.

Make sure to check out the Referral Program as well. You may be able to save even more on future purchases!


Andrea said...

So, you did get a kozy carrier!! Very exciting! :) It looks great!

Stacey said...

It's not to keep. I'm returning next week. It's a demo Kozy from Deanna at The Baby Sling Shop. I'm very sad about returning it, but car payments must come first!

Renee Shaw said...

Hi! I am Renee, you made a comment on Heathers blog regarding cleaning supplies for me! haha
I do use a line that I get from Wal-Mart called Bio-Green...I use the dishsoap and spray cleaner. One thing I have learned is though certain cleaners may not be harmful to the environment they still might not be the best for us. So I'm going to play it safe with the vinegar until I find something the works! I want to go with Shaklee, but it cost about $170 to start so, until I can do that then the vinegar is good with me! Thanks for leaving the comment, and feel free to check out my blog too!