Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A full day

Yesterday was wonderful, fun, full, and tiring! The kids and I headed to Winnipeg to meet Alyssa and Michelle for the day. We didn't know it before hand, but Keith's mom came too! What an awesome surprise for Rowan.

I only told Rowan what we were doing in the morning, so he didn't have to wait so long to see them. He talks about them everyday, and tells me things like, 'Mommy, first I'm going to have a nap, and then we're going to Nana & Papa Friesen's house, ok?' I hate having to tell him that it's too far and we can't go today.

Anyway, we met at the St. Vital mall for lunch, and then branched out to do our own thing. Alyssa entertained Rowan for a looong time, just pushing the mall cart/stroller around. I was wearing Bria in a pouch sling, so no one actually needed a ride most of the time, but my huge diaper bag needed a home!

We even ran into some friends while we were there! We saw Jobina and Trinity a few times in the few hours we were there!

The sad thing is that we spent a few hours looking for clothes for me, and found NOTHING! I'm so disgusted with the styles these days. I need a dress for a formal wedding, and all I could find were micro mini dresses, or dresses where the neckline came down to my belly button! (OK, that might be a slight exaggeration) But seriously, it really sucked. I like to look good, but I still want to keep my modesty!

After some Booster Juice, we headed off to Old Navy, next door to the mall. Wouldn't you know, I found the cutest dress there! I also found some jeans for Rowan. Can you believe I only found ONE pair of size 4 jeans in the whole store? Yup, Rowan is in size 4 pants already! The only ones that work are the ones with button elastic in the waist, since he's still so skinny.

He had a potty accident in his ONLY good jeans just before we were going to leave in the morning, so he had to wear holey jeans yesterday. He has mostly hand-me-down clothes, so it's nice to get him something new once in a while.

The kids and I headed home around 4:30, and they both were fast asleep for most of the ride. Nice :)

In the evening, I headed over to the Church for Ladies Fellowship. I brought Bria with me. Did I mention before that I gave Bria some of my Booster Juice? Um, Yeah. She was SO HYPER!! She couldn't stop jabbering and squirming! *Note to self: Babies also get a 'boost' from Booster Juice!*

Well, hope I didn't bore you all too much. We sure had a great time!


Jobina said...

I tried that dress on too!!! Good choice! It was nice seeing all of you yesterday, even if it was for only a little bit!

Drea said...

oh i feel ur pain!! all the clothes are super revealing this year.
i found a bunch at steve and berrys tho... or ross/tjmaxx. i love old navy 2 tho.

Andrea said...

Cool dress! And I will remember your tip on not giving babies booster juice! hehe. :)

Trina said...

Nice to hear others concerned about dressing modestly. I have the same prob when shopping too esp for my 8 & 10 yr old girls. Amazing what they are trying to push on the little pre-teenagers. Yuk