Sunday, April 06, 2008

Great time with friends

We just got back from a super fun visit with our friends Vitali and Elaine. They have 2 daughters who are around the same ages as Rowan and Bria. Jana turns 3 this month, and Lina will be 1 in June.

Rowan and Jana have a blast even though they can't speak the same language. Jana was speaking a whole mix up of German and English, trying to communicate with Rowan. He didn't really care, because he was too busy trying to take her toys. Somehow they both had a lot of fun, even though they spent half the time fighting. I guess that's just how 2 and 3 year olds are!

We can't wait til Vitali and Elaine move a little closer to us. They live in a neighboring town, about 25 minutes away, but in October they are likely moving just a few blocks away from us! We'll be able to meet at the park so the kids can play, and Rowan and Jana will go to the same school.

Anyway, hope you all have a great night. I know I'm ready for a great night's sleep. By the way, does anyone know of a great Chiropractor in the area?


Andrea said...

Yeah...actually I do know of a great chiropractor in the area! I have gone to this one MANY times and he is really great - I actually have even taken Tate to him! His name is Dr. Alain Kolt (or Dr. Kolt) and I'm not exactly sure what the office is called (I haven't been around enough lately obviously!) but it's on stephen street and is kind of by the library in Morden. (It might be called sometime like Morden Chiropractic???) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Stacey! Love the new look of your blog. I guess I hadn't checked it out in awhile. I was going to comment on a couple of posts but decided to put it all as one on this last post. The "Friesen Sisters Sing" was awesome - wow, what beautiful voices and harmony! I also watched the video clip about Oprah - I knew this about her already or at least was growing more and more suspicious of her ideas, but then when she started talking about this book called "A New Earth" that totally confirmed my suspicions. It makes me so sick I could cry. I just wish someone could reach her before she drags down millions of people (& Christians) with her false ideas. She has such a powerful influence because of her fame and all the "good" she does. I actually still watch her show once in awhile but I probably shouldn't. Last week she interviewed these two families whose daughters (who look alike) were in a car accident together a couple of years ago and their identities were mixed up for several weeks. One girl had died, the other was seriously injured. Anyway, the families are both Christian and they shared very openly about how their faith in Jesus got them through this, neither of them harboring any bad feelings toward the other. They were quoting Scripture and everything. Apparently they wrote a book together. It was a really good interview. BTW, changing the subject, your kids are growing cuter everyday. Take care!

God bless,
~Aunt Brenda

Dianna said...

I agree with Andrea about Dr. Kolt. My hubby thinks the world of him!