Monday, April 21, 2008

Haircuts, Trampolines, and Teeth!

Saturday night was haircut time for the men in my household! Rowan hadn't had his hair cut for MONTHS and it was time! He was looking pretty shaggy already. Keith's hair grows super fast too, and its super thick, so regular cuts are nice. I decided to attempt Rowan's hair myself, because my mom didn't have time and she usually does it. Keith's I always do, and I think I have it down to an art already! By no means professional, but Keith doesn't mind, and it saves a bit of cash.
I was really nervous to cut Rowan's hair, because it's so fine, and he has TONS of it! I think I did an OK job. Just don't look too close!

Here's a picture of my handsome men with their new haircuts.

My parents set up their trampoline the other day, and Rowan headed over there to test it out. For those of you who live in a nice warm climate, you might wonder why they ever disassemble it in the first place. One simple reason... SNOW!! Yup, snow sits on it all winter, and that can stretch it out. So, they take it down each Fall, and then put it back up in Spring.

Rowan had a great time with Grandpa on the trampoline!

Bria FINALLY has her first tooth! She's pretty protective of it though, and won't let me see it very easily. So, you'll just have to believe me, until I can get a picture of it! She was throwing up all Saturday night, and was pretty crabby yesterday too. Not sure if it's related to her tooth or not. Any one else have experience with this?

And now I'll leave you with my handsome little man.


Warren & Liane Thiessen said...

Rowan looks very cute with his new haircut!

- Liane

Alyssa said...

Both your boys look very handsome. Rowy looks so mature! Yikes...where is time going? Great trampoline pictures, by the way:)

Andrea said...

Nice work on the haircuts! I cut both Jonathan's and Tate's hair too. :) I actually just gave Tate a haircut on Friday...

Donna said...

I can't wait until my parents put theirs up, the kids LOVE it.(we have to deal with the S word too!)

I need to learn to cut my guys hair, it gets so expensive since guys need their hair cut so often.

Erin said...

awwww, you did such a good job on Rowans hair!!! He is adorable!! Thanks for the advice about my blogs yesterday....I'm hoping that might help with the far soo good!!!