Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Here it is!!!

So, Keith picked up our new car yesterday. Wow, does it ever drive smoothly! We put the carseats in right away, and went for a drive. Of course, we ended up celebrating with ice cream for Rowan, and poutine for Keith & me. Yum!

Here's a picture of our old car:

And here's the new one:

Definitely an improvement! It's nice to not have to worry about when our car is going to die, although I guess there are no guarantees either way :) I sure will enjoy the heated seats, and the sun roof though.

Today I also had a dentist appointment. Something I never look forward to :( Waaay back I had a root canal done. Like, when Rowan was a baby. I never did get a permanent filling, because I really didn't like my dentist. I forgot about it for a while. Then I called another office and asked for a second opinion. Shortly after that, I found out I was pregnant with Bria. So, I put it off again.

I'm so glad to finally have it done, and not have to get food stuck inside my tooth anymore. I just wish they didn't have to shove needles and other foreign objects in my mouth. My head hurts.

I hope all my local readers are enjoying the beautiful weather! I just love it when the temperature rises and some crazy kids think they should wear shorts in 15 degree weather (celcius, of course!). Silly kids. Oh well, I guess they'll figure it out eventually.


Alyssa said...

Hi Stacey!

I've been meaning to comment for a while. First, I love the new look of your blog. So cheerful and professional.

Also, glad to see that the video of us singing FINALLY worked. I've watched it many, many times:)

Congratulations on the car!! Yay! Looks pretty snazzy, what with a sunroof and all:)

Enjoy the beautiful weather! Love you all!

Sheila said...

That's quite the luxury sedan you've got there. Wow, seems like you and your siblings have found the jackpot at the end of the rainbow!

Stacey said...

yup the end of the rainbow is near Roland.... at Jordan Mills! Anyone looking for a good job?
Seriously the only leprechaun we talked to was the loans officer.

Jobina said...

Remembering how much Keith liked nice cars when he was in high school I can just imagine the smile on his face as he's driving his "new" car! Congratulations!

Andrea said...

Love the new car...very nice! :) And +15? Oh...I am jealous. :) I think we got to +9...maybe...today! We still have big piles of snow everywhere though! Oh well. :)

Drea said...

oh how i wish we had the money to get a new car now. we need one bad!!!