Monday, April 07, 2008

Keeping your style with Small Potatoes ~ Review

Now that the weather is warming up slightly, I've got summer on the brain! I can't wait to get out and not have to bundle up my kids. I've been having a hard time finding pants that fit Bria, with her big cloth diaper bum and all too, so I thought it was time to find some dresses!

Small Potatoes has the cutest little A-line dresses! I was especially drawn to the fabrics that Holly uses. These are not your typical baby prints, and you likely won't find 5 other babies wearing the same print. I chose the Joel Dewberry Aviary green fabric for Bria. I knew it would look great with her red hair.

I was a bit uncertain as to what size to get, since most baby clothes tend to run a little small, but Holly assured me that the 6-12 month size would work, and she was right! It's the perfect fit for Bria at 8 months old, and she should have a bit of room to grow into it over the summer.

This dress is definitely high quality, and made with love! The stitching is straight and strong, and the fabric is excellent quality as well. I think we'll be loving this dress for a long time.

Holly started Small Potatoes after being disappointed with the lack of style in baby gear. She wanted something with a little more flair for her own children. You won't find 'boring' here!

Small Poatoes has tons of great baby gear to offer, both in the Etsy shop and at The Drinky Leashes are a great way to keep sippy cups from getting lost or landing on the dirty floor. Right now we are in the in-between stage for sippy's. Rowan doesn't drag them around anymore, and Bria doesn't use them yet. But, once she does, the Drinky Leash would be so handy!

Another favorite is the Changing Pod. I love the circle design! So much more fun than the typical square or rectangular change pad.

Of course, I have to mention the pouch slings :) They look gorgeous, and now that I have tried a pouch, I will definitely be recommending Holly's slings to my friends. Every new parent should have a good baby carrier, and a pouch sling is a really user-friendly option.

Now for some exciting news! When I first found Small Potatoes, I noticed that Holly lives only about an hour and half away from me. I was happy to ffind something somewhat local. And guess what!!! She is now selling some of her baby gear at Newbee's!! So, for you local folk, make sure to check out the Small Potatoes products next time you visit Newbee's. I know I did! You can check out her other retailers here.


Lindsey Dueck said...

I just checked out her site, the stuff is sooooooooooooooo cute! Makes me want a baby so bad, or even just someone to buy that stuff for who would like it!

The dress looks adorble on Bria! I have already decided if I ever have a baby girl, she will wear dresses all summer!

Drea said...

i am loving the thing that holds the sippy cups!! i need one of those BAD.

I must say y our site looks so professional now :-) goes well with all the recent reviews!!

Andrea said...

That's a very cute dress! :)

Jobina said...

Bria looks so adorable!
I checked out the site and just LOVED it! The only downside...the sizes stop at 3T and we're already into 4T. Sniff, sniff