Thursday, April 03, 2008

New York Diaper Co ~ Review

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Ever since I started cloth diapering, I've been looking for the perfect nighttime diaper. It's surprisingly hard to find a diaper that is absorbent enough for my heavy wetters!

Then I found New York Diaper Co. One of the first things that drew me to this WAHM was her own personal story about cloth diapering, and how she is trying to make in impact by reducing household waste. That is part of my goal in cloth diapering. I hated the stinky garbage, and I was appalled at how much of our garbage each week was diapers.

I got to try a medium fitted diaper, with the bifold insert. At first I thought I would just put it on Bria to see how it fit, and how long it would last before it felt damp on the outside. She had it on for about an hour, and it wasn't the slightest bit damp on the outside. I would have never known she had even peed in it until I took it off! That's when I decided to try it for night as well.

First of all, I love how the diaper covers her little bum cheeks! A lot of diapers are cut too narrow for my girl, and it just looks uncomfortable when things aren't covered. I think it is because of the low rise that they cover so well over the bottom.

These diapers have an extra snap by the hip. These hip snaps are great. They help to prevent the wings from drooping, and give a better fit.

I did find the soaker to be a bit too long, but that might just be a personal preference, because I've noticed that a lot of fitteds tend to be this way. So, I just fold it down a bit. Since I use it as a night diaper, I don't mind the extra bulk. With the snake soaker you can fold it however works best, depending if you have a boy or girl. I'm not sure how long the contour soaker though.

Let's get back to my great discovery! I have tried a few of the more expensive diapers out there that people love for nights. There are a lot of mom's out there who LOVE their Goodmama diapers. I bought one to try it out a while back, and I do like it, but it doesn't perform any better than my New York Diaper Co fitted diaper. Plus, I just love the cute giraffe's print! The diaper is totally wet by morning, but it's not leaking out of the cover or anything.

These diapers also fit a big size range! I figured I would see if it fit Rowan, just for fun. And, it does! In fact, I like the fit on him almost more than on Bria! Just so you know, Bria is approximately 19 pounds, and Rowan is about 35 pounds! That's a big difference. I don't think there would be quite enough for Rowan for nighttime, but maybe with the snake soakert it would work.

These are fitted diapers, so you will need a waterproof cover to go over them. New York Diaper Co. has covers as well, and Elissa just told me that they are her best seller!

Make sure to check out New York Diaper Co. for her selection of diapers. These are great quality, and made to be super comfy for your little one!

P.S. This is what Bria thinks of the New York Diaper Co.


FinaDrea said...

cute! caleb wont let me put a diaper on him.. i am still in search of the perfect cloth pull up :-(

Keisha said...

Aww. She has such a beautiful smile she made me smile.
I'm considering cloth diapers if we have another baby that is.