Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Business of Being Born

*Disclaimer: This post is about birth, the process, etc. If that makes you uncomfortable, then please, move on!*

Have you seen this video? So fascinating! Midwife/homebirth is something that I find so intriguing. Both of my births were in the hospital, under the care of my family doctor. The first one was one that I struggled to deal with for a long time. I ended up having demerol, which totally messed with me, and I regret doing that. If had known that I would be ready to push an hour later, I would never have done it. But I've gotten past that now.

My second birth was much better. I felt like a had a little more control. My doctor was so great. That's what I love about her, she doesn't push anything on me, but just lets me decide what I want to do.

Anyway, this video, The Business of Being Born, is so eye opening. I've never learned so much about birth before. Why can't we all be given this information before giving birth?

I'd love to hear your stories and why you chose what you did.

Oh, and if you want to check out the video, here is a link to where you can watch it for free. There is a tiny bit of bad language and of course, nudity, since it's about giving birth :) Watch at your own discretion. Think prenatal classes video, with a midwife perspective. The video is over an hour long, so only click if you have time!


Amber said...

whoa. that was incredible! i am so very interested in this as well.

i've given birth 2x and each experience was completely 100% different from one another. both hospital births, both babies delivered by our nurse. i was induced with my first, which resulted in very intense contractions one on top of another which resulted in an epidural. i could still feel quite a bit when it came to pushing though. my second i went into labor naturally (which i was SO thankful to be able to experience!) and really got to experience a true natural birth. it was so incredibly different from the 1st time around for many many reasons but it was amazing to be able to realize "yes, i did it!"

there is so much more i could say, but i will leave it at that. thanks so much for sharing this link.

The Pauls' said...

I have had 7 hospital births and our last 3 were with a midwife. I would find it very hard to go back with a doctor for birth. For quite a few reasons; (1) Midwives are passionate about pregnancy/birth. They give their lives for this and are on call whenever you need them. (2) Midwives explain everything so well and listen to you and trust what you say is happening to your body. (3) During labor I always have back contractions and laying down was the absolute worst thing, but what is always done with the doctors. Midwives have an amazing thing called a 'birthing stool' which for me was like sitting on a soft pillow and seemed to make my labor much easier. (4) Midwives become part of your family, and they will include your family if you so choose. You are more than just a name on a schedule.

Well I could go on and on, obviously I strongly support midwife assisted births. All 3 of mine were amazing!

Anonymous said...

I too, am fascinated by the birth process and would love to train to be a midwife if it could be done here in Manitoba. I have had four hospital births - 2 with doctors, 2 with midwives. After experiencing midwife birthing I would never go back.

Susanna said...

Sorry to hear you've been so discouraged lately. I don't really know what to say, except that it might help if you could get away for awhile - if there are people who are willing to watch your kids, take them up on it and get to the house and scrub so hard that you release all those frustrations! I know I often feel guilty when I'm away alone and someone is with my child, but I can't keep doing that. Take advantage of some of that alone time and talk to God while you're cleaning the rental house or going for a walk or whatever. You need some time to get filled up and refreshed too! Otherwise you'll just wear yourself out and get so stressed....I've been there. I've been trying to learn that it's ok for a little "me" time too, and not in a selfish way, but in a way that will keep you going so that you can still give back to your family. Hope things look up soon! Take care Stacey.

Warren & Liane Thiessen said...

I had to be induced, so my labor was like Ambers from 0 to 100%. I ended up with an epidural (even though I really didn't want any medication)
After a while I couldn't move at all anymore, so I couldn't try all those methods of coping with the pain that we learned at prenatal classes. Which I thought was disappointing. I also had to move from one side to the other every 20-30 minutes which was very heard with numb legs and the NST which was attached my whole labor and birthing time.
I had crazy pain in between my shoulders and back from the epidural and had a hard time pushing because of that. Her heart rate went down so they used the vacuum+episiotomy. When she was finally out, they told me to look at her (she was lying on the table by my feet). But because of the pain I couldn't even lift my head, so the first time I saw her was about 15 min later (which seemed like an eternity to me)

Even though that all sounded pretty bad, I thought the recovery was way worse then giving birth. I wish I could give birth "naturally" next time, but I don't want to drive to Winnipeg in labor.

And to end this all off (after complaining the whole time) I must say it still was an experience I feel glad to have gone through.

PS. I had an Ob/Gyn and she only wanted to do an c-section if she really had to.