Thursday, May 01, 2008

Finally getting somewhere

I can't really remember a time when I didn't have a sore/stiff neck. It's like this constant thing that just nags me, and I never really did anything about it.

Recently Drea posted about going to a Chiropractor, and how much it has helped her. I decided to try it out, just to see what it was all about.

I found a local Chiropractor and Tuesday was my first visit. I was less than impressed with how long I had to wait. Let's just say that I spent pretty much my whole afternoon there. I did overhear someone saying that there had been an emergency that morning, so they were behind, but good grief!

My back/neck did feel a whole lot better after that visit though. I have trouble with holding my head up straight, and I think I finally found a way to fix that! My neck was so tight that it was preventing me from full movement. I feel so much better now!

I did ask the Chiro how often she would like to see me. Til everything is straightened out, it will likely be a couple times a week, and then I will only need to come in when I feel like I need to.

It was interesting to learn a bit about how Chiropractic works too. I had no idea! She explained to me how if something is out of place, the body cannot heal itself like usual, because the nerves are blocked. (Don't quote me on this, but it all made sense to me. I'm just not so good at remembering actual terminology) Chiropractors will move the spine back in place so the nerves can start doing their job again.

She also mentioned my eczema, and recommended that I go see a Naturopathic Dr. I already have an appointment booked for a few weeks from now, and I told her that. She said that it should help me. I can't wait to find out :) I'm so sick of looking my skin looking like I'm 60. Ever wonder why I don't post pictures of myself very often? Now you know.

So, I'm very excited that I am finally doing something about my health. I hope that this will finally be the answer for me. I feel so good about my decision to do this, despite my previous skepticism about Chiropractors. I just thought they cracked your back and risked your life!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

This is exciting! We've seen good results from a chiropractor at our house, too!


Drea said...

I hate u had to wait. i never have to wait.. the seeing you a couple times a week at 1st is normal tho. that doesnt last long so dont worry. id say after a few weeks she'll put u down for once a week. then its up to you. travis only goes once a month. I personally like going once a week. :-) [shh.. its my spa time away from kids, muahahaha]

no really after most weeks of lifting taite i can feel im not aligned right.. so i like to go when i begin to feel that way.

keep me posted!!

Caleb wants to get adjusted (he told me today) so ill take him tomorrow after pre-school.

Andrea said...

That's great! I have had SOOO much of an easier time with my pregnancy this time too...and I'm sure that it is due to the fact that this time I've gone to chiropractor every month...not just when my hips were hurting so bad that I could hardly walk!!! I have had virtually NO hip problems whatsoever this time around...and I'm convinced that the chiropractor is why (at least 90% of the reason why!) ;)

Alyson said...

We see a chiropractor every week in this house. It makes a huge difference.
I too am suffering HORRIBLY from excema on my hands. I've tried cod liver oil, and now I'm trying to cut out dairy. I think it is hormonal. sooooo painful.

Donna said...

We really love Chiro's too! We drive 1 hour to ours, but he is amazing. We feel he knows more about the body than our reg doc (which we never see). I am sure you will be feeling well soon!

Erin said...

I'm glad that the chiropractor visit helped you out...I've never been to a chiropractor, and I've been seriously considering it lately :D

Danielle said...

Hi! I a, new here. Gppd for you on this decision. IO try to go every week. I went dueing my entire pregnancy and it really helped. I hope you find the releif that you need.