Friday, May 09, 2008

Garage Sale... wanna come buy my stuff?

So today Heather, Liane and I are having a garage sale. My goal is to sell enough to buy a basic sewing machine. Think I can do it? I'm selling a bunch of baby stuff that we don't need anymore, and of course, all the other odds and ends that I want out of my house! If I had more time, I'm sure there would be a ton of stuff that I would add to the pile, but Bria hasn't been terribly cooperative the past few days.

Last night I was pricing everything over at Heather's place, and I had to wear Bria on my back the whole time... which was about 2 hours! She was perfectly content back there, but I know that as soon as I would have put her down, she would have been crying. I'm so glad that someone educated me about babywearing! It has made my life so much easier.

I haven't actually gone to any garage sales yet this year, if you can believe that! I think I've been so focused on cleaning out my house that I haven't really put much thought into anything else. I do plan on looking around for clothing for my kids though. We'll see what kind of deals I can find!


Elaine said...

Good luck on that! Hope you can get your sewing machine.

Andrea said...

I wish I could come shopping at your garage sale! hehe. :) I might find some little girly stuff! Oh well. My parents have been garage saling like crazy out there already...haha!! I haven't been doing it much here either parents pretty much find everything I want and buy it for me out there garage sale prices are SOOOOO much cheaper in Winkler/ more reason I want to move back over there! hehe. :) hope you have a great garage sale!

Evi said...

Stacey, I'll sell you my sewing machine. $40 and it's yours!

PinksandBluesGirls said...

I hope you have a fantastic Mother's Day!!!!
Pinks & Blues

Susanna said...

Check out my blog, there's some news you may have been waiting for!