Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It was a success!

Just got my kids to bed after a great morning at our moms group. The babywearing demonstration went really well, and I think there were quite a few moms that are very interested. I lent out one of my slings, and gave the animal print sling away in a draw. Everyone seemed really excited to learn more, which was AWESOME!!!

I brought my camera, but forgot it in my diaper bag, so no pics :( But, I do the same thing again next week, just in a neighboring town, so I'll try to remember then!

Vera, the public health nurse that I worked with, was awesome. She talked about the benefits of babywearing, and how great it can be for both mom and baby. She's probably my favorite public health nurse. She was our prenatal class instructor, and she's just really open and fun. So, thanks Vera! I think we made a great team, and I look forward to next week!

Oh, I was also going to respond to some of the comments about my dairy-free diet. I'm actually not supposed to eat soy either, so there goes the cheese and ice cream! I have found in the past that I seem to be sensitive to soy, and I'd like to keep my body free from anything that causes problems for now. My ND actually said that soy is one thing she would never recommend to someone with allergies, so I'm glad she backs me up on this :)

I think after the month is over, I will start to introduce dairy again, very slowly, and probably with organic milk. That is another thing that Dr. Jasper said could make a big difference. For now, I'm using rice milk, though it is a bit gritty just to drink. I use it for cereal, and I just had a bowl of strawberries with vanilla rice milk. Tasted pretty good actually.

Thanks for all the feedback though! I'm trying really hard to be careful. I almost poured myself a glass of milk at moms group today (we have lunch together each time) and had to stop myself. It's just a habit, and it'll be hard to break :)

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Jay Boaz said...

"Organic milk"? What other kind is there?