Monday, May 05, 2008

Lederhosen anyone?

Today is Keith's 25th birthday, and I just want to say

Happy Birthday, I love you! You are NOT past the prime of your life, and I hope you will enjoy the next 25 years! Can't wait til you get home :)

Yesterday we went to Winnipeg to meet Keith's family and celebrate his birthday together. We headed off to Gasthous Gutenberger for some wonderful German cuisine. YUM! I shared the Schnitzel Platter with Keith's parents. Wow, that was a LOT of food! We started with fresh, warm bread with butter, then salad. Then they brought out the platter. I learned that I really like fried bananas, and pork schnitzel is better than veal.

There was this awesome accordion player walking around the whole time too. Rowan loved it, and he even requested one of his favorite songs... You Are My Sunshine. So, this great big man, wearing his Lederhosen, plays Sunshine for Rowan, and also the Pink Panther. Wish I would have recorded it, but I did get a few clips of some other songs.

Keith was surprised by a hearty version of Happy Birthday set to accordion music, a nice green hat, and a piece of black forest cake. It was delicious! (He shared, of course :)

It's been a long weekend. I think I need a nap... but that will have to wait until I clean up the natural disaster in my house.


Andrea said...

Happy b-day don't look a day over 19! haha. :) And that green hat really suits you too! ;)

Elaine said...

Wish you all the best Keith!Sounds like you had a great time! See you Vitali

Jobina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH!!! 25? That's it!? That sounds so young to me! Glad to see you had a great celebration, keep it up! You have so much to celebrate!

Drea said...

awe! how fun!! I didnt realize how young keith was! Travis turns 32 this december. :-) ill be 25 this year.

Dayna said...

i love that restaurant! and i was just talking about it on sunday. my mom (who heard about it from keith's parents, i think) made reservations there last yr for mother's day. she took my grandma out and since i was the driver i was also there! the location was a suprise! it actually helped em make my decsion to come to germany! i was in the deciding process and it was a confirmation for me... the ebst part is that when my mom amde the reservations i wasn't even thinking about germany yet!

anyway, that is my experience with that restaurant. there was no accordian player, though... maybe next time!

ps- happy birthday keith!

Jay Boaz said...

Wow, 25. You're getting old Keith! :) Happy birthday!

(Have to get all the old-cracks out before October and I catch up to the people I'm making fun of!)


Sheila said...

LOL! Too funny. Of course you must of known that as soon as you put a pic of an accordian player on your blog I would have a comment!
And the fact that he played You are my sunshine on it is so uncanny, because that's what I will be playing on my accordian this sunday in church with the little kids singing to their mothers. Neat!
Anyways, happy birthday Keith. you're not even close to being over the hill!

Mark said...

Happy Birthday Keith! And seriously, you don't look a day over 24!

Jennifer Bogart said...

Oooh, accordion tunes, how fun :). Thanks for stopping by my blog Stacey! I'm from Brandon, Manitoba originally :).