Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Piggie Tails!

Today Bria was sporting her first pigtails! I can't believe I never tried to put ponytails in her hair before. I guess I just love all her cute clips :)

This evening Bria kept saying mamama, so I actually caught it on tape. You can hear Rowan talking in the background too. At the end of the video, Bria threw herself into the table. Silly girl! She didn't seem to be hurt though, no tears.


Bruce and Heather said...

Awww, she looks so cute with pigtails!

Drea said...

so cute! Taite hardly says mama. he says Daddy though so well. I should try and videotape it.

oh did you go back to the chiro?
I went yesterday.. due to the lack of sleep I think HAHA I was SO TENSE!!! He tried 3 times to get my midback to re-align but couldnt. he said I do that to him to make him really work hah.

my neck went well tho.. but everything else... so tight.

Anonymous said...

"Mamma"...what a sweetie -- those baby days are so precious... and Bria looks adorable in pigtails!

I'm playing catch-up again with the blogs. I get busy and don't spend as much time on the computer.

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, KEITH!! Your Birthday is just 2 days after Harv's. He turned 44 this year (side note: he was 26 when we got married and I was 20). I posted a cute picture of him on our blog of when he was 7 years old.

Sorry about all your hassles with your rental house. Whatever the case, Stacey you are not a failure! Life gets overwhelming and stressful for sure and I totally know how you feel, but that is just Satan's trap to try to bring you down. You're doing such a great job as a Mom!!

BTW, WAY TO GO ROWAN on your bike -- awesome!

Anyway, Hope you all have a great day!!

Love and blessings,
Aunt Brenda

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family you have! Bria looks adorable with pigtails.

Andrea said...

Those pigtails are adorable!!

Dianna said...

I agree they are adorable. Pigtails I meant. My girl Amber pulls the ribbons off when I put them in her hair.