Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tee Time with Sassy Possum

Recently I received two super cute t-shirts from a great Canadian retailer, Sassy Possum. I just love the cute sayings that they have!

Rowan got the 'Fish On' shirt in navy blue. The color is perfect for him, and the t-shirt is really light weight and comfy. It has kept its shape in the wash, and still looks awesome!

Bria got the 'The Future is Bright' diaper shirt in white. This is probably one of my favorite shirts that Sassy Possum offers! What a cute saying to put on your baby. The future really is in our children, and how we raise them is so important!
We also received some Bootie Bands, which I passed on to my sister-in-law Liane, since Bria wouldn't need them anymore. My niece Jillian is pretty thin, and her little feet are always migrating in her sleepers! With the Bootie Bands, her feet stay where they belong.

Sassy Possum has far more than just their signature t-shirts though. Some other things that they sell are:

Earth Mama Angel Baby products - All organic, gentle, safe products. I've tried the Earth Mama Bottom Balm, and would love to try some more of their products!

Eden Baby Carriers - I love the look of the Velveteen Mei Tai. I imagine it would be so cozy and comfy for baby!

Babylegs - Bria is just starting to learn how to crawl, and I know these would come in handy!

There are tons of other great products available at Sassy Possum. Make sure to check our their allergy awareness products as well. This is a great way to communicate allergies to those that are in contact with your little one.

Just a note that they are currently moving their head office, and won't be processing engraving orders until June 10th, but all other merchandise orders will be shipped as usual.


Anonymous said...

I love those pics of your kids :) very cute :)

Jobina said...

They are so adorable! Are you guys coming to Dahlen's wedding?