Monday, May 26, 2008

A whole lotta stuff!! (with a lot of pictures)

First of all, an update on the ND appointment. My ND turned out to be a spunky young red head! So, she was easy to talk to, and didn't make me feel weird or anything. She asked me a zillion questions, and then did a bit of a physical exam. She made a few suggestions, and said to start where I feel comfortable, and move on from there. What I decided to do first is to go diary-free for a month. If that makes a difference, then great, because that's the cheapest way to go! She also gave me a list of vitamins I can take, and a few other things like Omega 3, 6, & 9, and Acidophilis.

If none of that helps, I can do a blood test for food allergies. So, we'll see how it goes, and if NONE of this helps, she has some more suggestions. She said this is the best place to start though, so I'll trust her on that!

Today is my first day dairy-free, and it's kinda hard. Like, when you know you can't have something, it makes you want it more! I keep noticing all the things that I can't have, like cheese, and the yummy dip my mom made. Anyone have any advice for going dairy-free?

Last night Keith surprised us with a night at the local Days Inn. We had a great time in the pool and on the waterslide. Bruce & Heather and Selah joined us for a while, which was really nice. We had the whole place to ourselves. It was really great to be able to not be self conscious in my bathing suit! Let's just say that the 2 piece I bought after Rowan was born doesn't fit quite like it should after baby #2! It's not terrible, but well, I need to find a new bathing suit.

Speaking of bathing suits, has anyone ever bought a suit from here? It is only in the US, and I LOVE their bathing suits. I'm trying to figure out how to make sure I could order the right size, and get it to me without too much hassle.

Does anyone know someone locally that needs an infant car seat? I would like to sell mine, since it expires next year. I would like $50 for it, or a decent offer. It would be great for someone having their last baby. It's a Graco Snugride, and I bought it new in 2005.

Oh yeah, and we also planted our garden on Wednesday. Or should I say, Keith did most of the work :) He was joking the other day about buying himself a dress because he does so much 'female work'. I punched him. (Jokingly of course). I see where he is coming from, but I also hope he sees where I am coming from. We grew up very differently.

Keith grew up on a farm. He helped his dad on the field, as well as in the shop. His mom and sisters took care of the yard work and gardening.
I grew up in town. My mom has worked out of the home off and on through the years, and was really sick for parts of those years too. My dad did a lot of the yard work and gardening, partially because he enjoys it, and partially because he had the time to help. He also learned how to bake bread while my mom was sick.

So, you can see where we don't quite see eye to eye all the time!

Here's a video of Bria trying to crawl. She pushes herself backwards and makes really funny faces!!

And, 2 more pictures of Rowan and Bria. They were playing with the curtains, and it looked neat, so I took some pictures. Gotta love it!


Jamy said...

I hope things work out for you with the diet thing. I can't imagine cutting out dairy. I need my milk. Good for you for giving it an effort.
Looks like you guys had a great time at the hotel. I'm looking forward to going swimming this summer.
I also planted my garden about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Now its just a waiting game to see what'll come up first :-)

Anonymous said...

love the pictures of your kids in the curtains! K just started crawling on the 20th and she's already climbed up two steps before I caught her! CRAZY - I wish she wouldn't have learned so fast cuz now she's into everything! that was really cool that keith took you guys out for the night :)

Elaine said...

Looks like you had a really good time!!! See you tumorrow.

Dayna said...

going dairy-free is hard, but it IS possible. i have spent the majority of my life dairy-free, in 2 long 'episodes'... i don't remember the first years very well (from birth to age 8-10 or so) but i remember the last 7 years very clearly! my lactose-intolerance went (for about 5 years) and came back and it was hard! but i found some substitutes that helped. my biggest thing i missed were the desserts, especially ice-cream. here a few substitutes i found that i liked:

sogood frozen dessert (ice cream). i would suggest starting with strawberry and boisenberry (they taste the least like soy and are quite delicious! they even have real fruit in them, like whole strawberries! chocolate and caramel swirl are also ok but stay away from vanilla!) oh! and they make drumsticks too! i was so excited to discover those last summer!

delmonte frozen fruit bars. they are not soy-products, but rather something DELICIOUS without milk!

as far as cheese goes, i ate soy cheese a lot. it doesn't taste great 'raw', like just a piece of it or in a sandwich, but on a cassorole or a pizza it is pretty good (even though it doesn't melt like normal cheese), and much better than NO CHEESE!

in my opinion there is not a great milk substitute. i drank so good chocolate milk for a while, but it was like they changed the recipe or something and it was nasty after that. and all other rice, potatoe, and soy milk that i tried did NOT appeal to me! however, it can be very handy for baking, cooking, etc.

here in germany they have GREAT soy pudding (i think it si called alpro), etc. but i never had much luck with that in canada. maybe if i had shopped at a bigger supermarket?

i realize you're only planning on a month for now, so maybe you don't wanna go out and buy a lotta stuff, so if you're only buying one thing, go for the ice cream! man, i kind of miss it now! however, thank-you-Lord-for-healing-me!, i can go and eat some real ice cream out of the freezer now! hmmm... maybe i will!

so, that was how i coped. but to go cold-turkey could be difficult. for me it was much more gradual the second round... i would suggest having something on hand for whan you crave something delicious, cold, and creamy!

lemme know if you ahve any questions! oh, and i love the curtain pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

If it's just the lactose factor of the dairy, there are a lot of options, so that would be a good thing to find out - maybe after you figure out if it is dairy. Yogurt is lactose-free and all goat products as well. You can also buy lactose-free milk which tastes the same as reg milk. Soy milk is okay in baking but leaves a chalky taste when drinking it. There are a lot of options out there but you might have to be willing to go to Superstore?!? :)
aunt Monika

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Those curtain pics are great! And a site you might find helpful for going dairy free is

It lists lots of yummy things you might be surprised to find DON'T have dairy in them!


Anonymous said...

Eva said...

Beautiful garden - that yard is in town - it looks large. You guys did a good job.