Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All creatures great and small...

This morning I was just opening the blinds in our bedroom, when I saw 2 rabbits sitting under our weeping birch tree. I ran to get my camera and caught a few pictures of them. I was just thinking how cute they looked, when they hopped over to my garden to nibble on my pepper plants! AHHHH!!! I ran outside so fast to scare them away!
Funny how I went from 'oh how cute' to 'get out of my garden' in like 2 seconds flat! I think the only thing they ruined was a hot pepper plant, which hopefully will have been enough to keep them away now. Wasn't as tasty as they thought!

Then, just after lunch we were walking home from our mom's group, and we saw a baby bird on the ground. Rowan was really concerned about it, that it was all alone and didn't have his mommy there. I had to almost drag him away, and explained to him that the bird's mommy would only come if we left him alone. I didn't have the heart to tell him that the little bird was almost dead. It clearly had a broken leg, and was kind of hopping/dragging itself. Poor little thing :(

I'm not much of an animal lover, i.e. I don't like cuddling with cats or dogs, and I don't want them in my house, but I was sad to see that poor little bird dying there on the pavement. I guess that God cares about that little bird too, and he does promise to take care of us just as he takes care of the birds. Just something to think about I guess.

Oh yeah, and Keith had a ton of fun in the mud yesterday. Here's proof:
At least someone enjoyed all that rain! A good stress reliever...

And just because... here's my kids at breakfast this morning. Awe, they're just so cute!


Mom said...

haha...let's hope the hot pepper plant did the trick...funny, I used to think it was cool to see a rabbit in the yard too UNTIL they headed for the garden!!

Elaine said...

Yes, they are soooo cute!