Monday, June 30, 2008

Babywearing buddies

Boy did I have a great day last Thursday! I headed to Winnipeg in the morning, to finally do the blood test for allergy testing. I should find out in 2 weeks if there are any food allergies causing my eczema problems. That will be so good to know!

To be honest, I was little bit nervous to take both of my kids with me, with no help. I haven't ever done this before, and driving downtown made me a bit nervous. I wasn't sure that Rowan would listen to me, and I didn't know how I was going to keep us all safe! I prayed about it on the way there, and I know for sure that my mom was praying too :) She had offered to take Rowan for the day, last minute, but he wanted to come with me.

Everything seemed to go well. We found a parking space right away, there wasn't a huge wait at the lab, and Rowan listened fairly well! He did try to steal a bandaid from the lab though :) He liked looking at all the different medical supplies on the little table.

After the blood test, we headed to Dairy Queen for lunch. Rowan ate his fries and ice cream, and Bria munched on some fries and the inside of the chicken strips (I ate the breading, YUM!) After lunch, which was so much fun, we drove a couple blocks to a school playground to play for a while. We had about an hour before we had to be at our next destination, which was actually only a few doors down from the school.

The kids played for a while, but it was just sooo hot! We sat in the shade for a while, and then headed back to the car for our stuff.

The next part of our day was SO AWESOME!! I finally got to meet with the Winnipeg Babywearers group!!!!!!!! I've been chatting with them online for months already, and I could never make it to the meetings. This meeting was just an informal get-together, so no 'business' or anything, but I did get to meet a lot of the moms.

These women are so nice! Most of them live in this neighborhood that reminded me of a bunch of hippies! In fact, one of the moms had these amazing dreads and a long flowy skirt. She designs children's clothes and boy were they ever adorable! Her son had this little elf hat on that she had made!

I got to see a few carriers that I have never seen in real life before. Like a Becco 4th Generation, and a Babyhawk (yes, I've never seen a Babyhawk before!). I loved both, and if we had had more time, I would have tried them on too. It was just waaay too hot though, and we couldn't stay too long.

I had brought all my carriers along to show them, since I didn't know if I'd ever make it to a 'formal' meeting. The ladies were so kind to my homemade stash :) They actually asked if I would ever sew carriers to sell. The only thing I am considering is sewing ring slings. I just made one for a friend on Wednesday, and it was so much fun! I'm just not sure that I would like it to get too crazy. I want to have time for my kids, and I still want sewing to be fun. I think I'll just sew them here and there.
*Sling I made for my friend Christa.*

I forgot to take out my camera at the babywearing meeting, so no pictures this time, but maybe I'll get to go again :)


Melissa said...

hi stacy. it's been a long while since school! i figured it was time to let you know that i'm kind of a lurker on your blog! i found it through jamy's.

i just wanted to let you know that i love how real you are on your blog. and not ashamed of who you are, or afraid to speak it out.

your kids are beauty's and you look like you are all doing really well!

take care!

Jobina said...

Good for you! I know it's always a bit intimidating to go somewhere with both kids, especially downtown, but it almost always turns out better than you think it will. I'm proud of you for taking the plunge!
That group sounded great, what area were they in? Even if you just made and sold a few slings a year, I think that would be awesome; you'd be encouraging something you believe in!

Andrea said...

You're so lucky...a babywearing group!!! They don't even have a mommies group here, never mind a babywearing group...and yeah, this IS a city. Oh well. :) I'll just keep adding to my stash and that should keep me satisfied! I'm glad your time in the city went so well though!

Anonymous said...

Your sling shoulders look very cozy. kind of like kimzkreations. id love a home made sling one day. maybe w/ our 3rd baby (whenever that happens)

Stam House said...

Look like the babywearing group was lot of fun I wish we would have some of those here!

Dayna said...

i LOVE the lunch pics. bria looks absolutely ecstatic!

Ellen said...

that's awesome that you went out with both kids.. it sure can be intimidating the first time! but now that you've done it, you know you can do it again! :) isn't it freeing to know that!